Archery question!

Nov 17, 2002
Can someone suggest a decent recurve bow for a beginner? I don't want to spend a lot of money on a hobby that I am just "trying out".
Bear recurves -- that brings back fond memories. Moved on to Martin Warthog Magnum in Jr.High. I should shoot one of those again.
Be careful with the Bear "Stick" bows. I've heard from a friend who makes bows that they have a reputation for blowing up (delaminating under pressure). :eek:

I would suggest that you call around to some archery shops and see what used equipment they have. Many other people have tried archery and either didn't enjoy it, or have moved on to higher end stuff. Be sure to look around, some archery shops tend to lean towards more modern, compound bows, and some shops prefer the more traditional recurves and longbows.

Happy hunting!

- Mike :)
I would definitely suggest a Martin! The Black Mamba is a reasonable bow that shoots very well for a factory bow. In fact, many distance shooting records have been shot with it! Once you move on to a custom or a take-down you can use it for bow-fishing. (Make sure you have properly spined arrows to reduce your frustration!)
Gotta say that while I think there is a big difference in a custom knife and a factory one . . . there is a HUGE difference between a custom bow and a factory one . . . some of my custom bows cost less than some of my custom knives too!:D
MARTIN, MARTIN, anddddd......MARTIN!!!

You cannot go wrong with a Martin bow. They make, in my opinion, the best production recurve on the market. I started with a Martin Hunter. I still have that bow, too. Then I tried other brands and those are all gone now. I came home to Martin and got a Martin Sabre right before they stopped making the Sabre a year and some change ago. That bow shoots like a dream! Now, if you want a real good looker that's a great shooter, check out the Dreamcatcher. I've shot one and it's smooth. If you're looking for a take-down, the Hatfield is awesome. Shot one of those, too, and it's great. The Hunter is a helluva workhorse and it's a wonderful bow. They're all great!! I'd never buy anything but a Martin again. That's all I have and all I shoot.
Martin makes a damn fine series of sticks...
If you would like to concider the best of technology, coupled with old world class and style take a look at the PSE Coyote.. They are really sweet shooting bows...I have two :D one for bowfishing for carp and one for deer.