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Are any knife companies on the stock exchange?

I think General Housewares is public. They make Chicago Cutlery among other things. I'm not aware of a public company in the sporting knife industry. The industry is really too small to support public companies. The entire annual sales of the sporting knife industry would represent a decent month's sales for a largish computer manufacturing company. Take care.

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I wish some of the big players in the industry would go public. As the Gun Grabbers continue to go nuts, I think companies like Benchmade, Spyderco, CRKT, Emerson and REKAT have explosive growth potential.Plus, think of how much fun it would be to go to one of their stockholders meetings


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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by Josh Feltman:
doesn't Alcoa make/own Cutco knives? I assume they are publicly traded (?).

Sorry about that, Case and Alcoa owned them jointly. Sold to the Executives years ago.

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Cutco !! Wow, havent heard that name in years. Back when I was in high school, they came door to door with a catalog of products. Still remember the really really tiny two bladed knife I bought

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Swiss Army Brands Inc., the U.S. distributor of Victorinox SAK is listed on NSADAQ (SABI). On their website (swissarmy.com), they have a section titled "Investor Relations". They will send you info on the company on request.