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Are expensive knives worth it?

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Insipid Moniker

Gold Member
Feb 28, 2011
On thing I will say, I used to try to find some imagined need for a new knife, then search for a knife to match that supposed need.

Now I just buy knives that I think I will enjoy, no pretense, no excuses, and I find that with this philosophy I'm MUCH more likely to think the knife I bought is worth the money I spent.


Gold Member
Mar 28, 2020
One advantage of owning a Harley, and having an unpaved driveway: the leaking oil will keep the dust down!

We're on a roll now!

One of my ex-girlfriends bought a new Harley a couple of years ago. I've never seen any oil on the pavement under it.
Dec 2, 2017
One good thing about Harleys: they're easy to work on...

And you get so much practice!
If you were to ride enough,they all get worked on. Tires,brakes,ect. Though I've been stranded by a Honda with 15k miles. Wrenched on laws, and lots of issues with a yam.

But myself, I don't care what you ride. If it bothers you what I ride it's your problem.

I gave up wrench on jap years ago. I find it to be cheap and disposable. But you ride what you want.

I put a few miles on, and traveled much of the country, and Canada. So I am just not going take some people serious until they throw their tally wacker on the bar to measure.

Even then ride what you want.


Don't feed the Trolls
Platinum Member
Jul 25, 2014
The point that many of us are making (I hope) is that there’s functionally little difference between a Hog and a Vespa.

99.9 times out of 100, the Hyundai will go from point A to point B as well as a tricked out Raptor.

There are value judgements made at all levels of consumerism. If you buy any value added product, whether leather seats, multi-wheel drive or a lift kit, you’ve taken part in the process. That process ends with the selection of a knife that’s more expensive than the cheapest option.

Now just shut up and don’t make me embarrass you in front of all GKD.

Bob Denman

That OTHER Guy...
Gold Member
Platinum Member
Jul 20, 2021
I think the point is to keep riding to the stores to keep buying knives...


senex morosus moderator
Staff member
Super Mod
Jul 30, 2006
We're done. This is a knife forum. Motorcycle forum is elsewhere

Z Zerk
Please edit your post. The term "Jap" is deemed offensive by some forum members. It never was a polite term.

If I have to edit it, a warning will go along with it. Just sayin'
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