are strider knives good for splinter removal?

Apr 21, 1999
I got one in my finger and it's really oweeeee!!!

Just bustin your chops guys.I got my computer fixed and wanted to write something.And say Hi!
Tell us more about the hottie you hired ?

Aloha!!! Ken Onion
Using a Strider, you don't just take out the splinter. You take off the whole finger. We want pictures of the new help!
I use a Ken Onion "Chive" to remove all my splinters.
It won Knife of the Year you know.

Hey there Ken, how are ya pal.

Hope all is well

I gotta say to every one reading this post . These Strider knife guys are solid gold.Mick and Dwayne are two of the coolest guys I know. They know how to party and have a good time.They got a great sence of humor.And I concider it an honor to say I know them.
They build a pretty good knife too!!
Ditto what you said Ken! You will have to hang at the mega hardcore booths we are getting at Blade next year complete with refrigerator! :)
Okay cool.
Thanks Ken.

Where do I send the check again?


Post Script:
If your not too busy being a super hero at next years Blade, your invited to the Mega Extravaganza!
what a bunch of butt licks!!!!!! try getting a splinter out of your EYE with that thing!!!!!! :p :p :p
Hi Ken,

Great to see you join! :)

Mick,Duane and Steve and all around here are a Great Bunch! Oh Yeah, that includes Rob, Knifebomber & Tom Mayo too!! :D

Warmest greetings,

Hey Sports Fans!
Aren't we just one big happy snuggleing family! Great to hear from the one and only Ken Onion! And regarding that splinter ... well that was the original reason we hired the new gal! Along with beverage retrieval duties, vacuuming, sweeping, dusting, cooking and tell us all that we swear too much. Oh, and I forgot, she has to bring us the remote for the big screen tv we had installed in the shop whenever we ask nicely.
Great hearing from you Mr. Ken, and Mr. Rob too!
Hope to see ya soon!
I hear you Dwayne, Does she have to wear one of those french maid outfits?And when your beer is empty do you rattle the can to signal that she needs to fetch a full one and toss the empty?And and does she cook?And does she run to the store and buy more beer when you start getting low without having to ask? How's her foot massages ?

Mick, I heard about your Strider knives /wet bar arrangement for next year Blade . Need a new sales man? Sounds like fun,plus it will bring you more exposure. Will you be bringing the solid gold dancers or any type of secret weapons with you ? or are you just gonna dress Dwayne up in A mini skirt and pumps again?

I'm done now.

Aloha!!! Ken Onion
We were hoping you would just show up in that same shirt you wore last year....then everyone will know where our booth is!! :)
I am really getting worried about Ryan....we havent heard from him for quite some time...You dont think he dropped another one over the side and went after it this time?? you!! :p
All right, Ken. I have just got to say it. In my humble opinion, you are certainly one of the most promising knife makers I have ever come across.

Having said that, is it really true the Strider guys are the coolest and funniest blokes around?! Hey, you people are in the wrong side of the continent. Come on to Malaysia and come and party with us.

:D :D :D
Its true...he makes a lot of promises....
but dont count on him making your knife any time soon!!! :)
:p :)
:) :p
Thanks Golok, and ignore Mayo he's just mad cause he's not the center of attention now.And he's gay!

Yes it's true these Strider guys are the best!!And on behalf of Dwayne and Mick we will be coming to your house tomorrow provided there is plenty of beer and women.
Don't bother to invite Mayo.He'd be doing table dances after the third beer and confessing his undying love after six.

Actually I have never been to Malasya and would love to go there one day. I did go to China though.