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Are the boker toplock's automatic??

The TopLock is not an automatic in its factory form. Boker makes an automatick version called the SpeedLock (and so marked). TopLocks may be converted into automatics with a coil spring and some not-very-hard milling. You may see these for sale and may distinguish them because they bear TopLock markings.

I bought a Argentina made TopLock and it's a warped POS. Can't tighten the handle screws without a bad bind. I don't know about the German made ones and don't plan on finding out. A name is a name.

An Argentinian made TopLock? You may have had a cheap rip off. As far as I know, only Boker makes the original Top Lock design and it is quality merchandise. Don't try to compare the two.
No, Boker has (or had) a factory in Argentina (Arbolito), and for a time TopLocks were manufactured there. Production was moved back to Germany due to quality control issues.

I was only giving info in my last post, but I'll second that the sentiment that there are dozens of better knives on the market in that price range. TopLocks have a small blade for their size, little grip to speak of, and a lockup that can be iffy even in the German examples.

One way to tell them apart is the nail pull. If the knife in question has a nail pull then it is a Top Lock. If it does not have a nail pull then it is a true Speed Lock. Just about all good True Automatics do not have a nail pull.

Danny Ridenhour
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The TopLock is made in both manual and automatic forms by Boker. The automatics can be obtained in this country if one attends certain of the evil, wicked, horrible, bad for everybody so let's ban them gun shows that have knife purveyors who carry automatics showing their wares. It's a very high-quality piece, and the various costly-to-downright expensife inlays they employ make for very handsome knives. In my state, Texas, automatics are legal to own as part of a knife collection, but they cannot be carried. So my knife collection has a lot of automatics from various factory and custom makers, and they are always attention getters whenever someone new is checking out my collection.