Are there PLAIN EDGE M2 BT-AFCKs??

Jan 31, 1999
Everyone has the combo edge version of this knife, but is the a plain edge version offered?
Yep, definitely!

Well, I'm not sure if there are any around at the moment. I got mine from . It's one SWEET knife, I tell ya.
I always go for plain-edged knives, as I can just re-sharpen it with a coarser grit if I need it to cut as aggressively as a serrated edge.

Thanks to all for the help! Got one on the way from the Knife Center. Had an ATS model a while back, but in a moment of err, I sold it. Always regretted that! Thanks again!
I had an AFCK for years, but gave it to my younger brother when my Sebenza addiction really kicked in. I missed my old friend, so took the opportunity to pick up an M2 version. I had to whip the edge into shape since BM no longer ships their knives sharp. Must be an insurance liability.