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Are we going to have any official Bladeforums knife of the year awards this year?


knife law moderator
Dec 25, 1998
There is an excellent thread going about individuals choice for "knife of the year". Is it possible to have us nominate a few knives in several categories and use the polling software to determine what the official Bladeforums knife of the year is? Some categories I would like to see in addition to production folders/fixed blades and custom folders/fixed blades would be knifemaker of the year, man of the year, most innovative design, etc. We could really have some fun with this. It is also a way to recognize achievement within the industry. Maybe we could start a tradition.

Dennis Bible

Hummmm....... OK YES! We will do it again!

I will anounce the contest after I confer with Spark that our survey software is still running.

Best Regards,
Mike Turber
BladeForums Site Owner and Administrator
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Will there be an electronic award or will the winners receive some hardware? I think a plaque or something would be nice. I know how Mike and Spark don't like donations, but I think this would an appropriate reason for them to take donations.
THats a great idea.I think some sort of Bladeforums award would be cool,a plaque is a good idea,but something to fit in the old trophy case would be better me thinks,kinda like winning an Oscar!
Mike and Spark were kind enough to do this. We need to get as much input about the nominees as possible. The more people that participate the better. Come on guys lets hear it!

Dennis Bible