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Argentine Knives

Jun 20, 1999
I'm gonna be going down to Argentina in a couple of weeks and I will be staying in Buenos Aires. I would like to pick out a nice Argentine blade for a souvenir, but don't know where to start looking. This is just a shot in the dark, but does anyone have any info. on distinctive knife styles there that I might look into? Any information would be appreciated.


Depending on your budget...

Nice hunting and utility knives very expensive and with custom cases made by hand....

check this guy:

Alfredo Kehiayan
Cuzco 1455 - CP 1623
Ing. Maschwitz
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Fax & Phone: 03488-44-2212

e-mail: kehiayan@webnet.com.ar

I have no link with the guy, just a friend I met at the Blade Show!

I hope this help,

Joel Pirela
Graphic & Knife Designer

You can look for Antiguedades Alhambra, owned by Samuel Setian. I think they have two or three stores in Buenos Aires but if you want to know for sure you may call Magnum Magazine (00-55-11) 5321522 or 5321571 and ask for Laercio Gazinhato, the editor, wich is a great friend odf Mr. Setian, and he can give you the correct adress. You will not have language problems if you call.
Regarding prices, both antique and custom pieces are not cheap. You may find some industrial pieces with good prices, though.
Best regards and have a good trip.

Ivan Campos
When you are in Argentina you should offcours by a Gaucho Facón! There "companion and protector in a fight". Problem is owly that is dificult to define what a Facón exacly is. Well, just look at what the Gaucho's where.

Have a great trip!