arguably the greatest concelex balisong sheath..

Hey Sniperboy....

Great looking sheath Matt.Nice, compact clean job for sure....

Can't tell from the picture really but is that a piece of concealex towards the back of the knife holding it in place ?

Looks very cool no doubt...

ttyle Eric...

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aint it though?

I am not sure what your question is though, I did posst an unadultarated picture on my review instead.. the qustion though, what holds the knife in place is the flap that goes over the skeletonizd hols, the stuff at the back of the knife is what c;ips on to the latch to auto pop it.

If you can rephrase the question I would love to help

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Great sheath SniperBoy! Matt,{Waxey} is THE Man when to comes to Concealex Sheaths. I just received a IWB sheath for one of Jerry Hossom's Millenium Fighters & I am amazed at the quality of workmanship & feel of it. When the knife is in the sheath, it doesn't rattle, move, or do anything it's not supposed to. I also tried, repeat tried, to shake the knife loose out of the sheath,{No Way!}. It acted like it was glued in there, but I still am able to easily draw it out when I want to. If I ever need another sheath made out of Concealex, it's coming from Matt!