Arkansas Custom Knife Show ROLL CALL

Jul 14, 2000
Ill be there,as will Amy Hinchman and possibly Mr Paul Basch from AG Russell Knives.
Who else is going?
You know me, I got to go. :)
Make sure every one knows that it has been moved.
Troy Brown will be there too. I emailed Rick Fowler today and He and Susan will be there also.
Hope to see every one there.
In my opinion, the second best knife show out there. First, being the Blade show. I would hitchhike to make this Little Rock show! Of course, I'll be there.
Ubet. I like this show. It is both informal and fun. I am really looking forward to it.
I will be there! It will be my first time attending or displaying so I can't wait!
wanna go to the pizza hut and check out the julia roberts look alike waitress again? ;) :D
Hey Mo, you must be reading my mind! Exactly what I want to do. I can't wait to get to Little Rock. Of course, I guess I better be making some kind of hotel reservation though. :)
Hey Sunfishman, welcome to the forums! Glad to see you are making it to Little Rock! Bring me something nice. :)
I'm in east tx and might possibly want to go, is there somewhere I can go to get more information about the knife show and where it is etc? thanks
i didnt see your post until tonight,but here is the adress:
424W Markham
Little Rock AR
in the Robinson center/ double tree hotel

a lot of arkansas bladesmiths will be there,as well as some okies,and several others from all over including,but not limited to: David Anders, Jim Batson, Loura Sou Bethke, Chris Bowles (he is 19 or 20,but does amazing work) Al Dippold,Fred Durio, Echols,Faust,Fisk,Fitch,Flourney,Foster,Kirk,Dr Lucie,Massey,Tom Krein,Matt Lamey, Uncle Al,Moon, Muller Forge,Ron Newton (oh my god,this man makes some awesome knives),Polk,ML Williams, and Kenny Rowe--ok so rowe doesnt make knives,but you get it. (insert panting sounds here)

Oh,and dont forget--me!! (Plus Amy Hinchman and Paul Basch,but everyone is coming to see me,right? ;) )

Need more info? Call Mr Roger Massey (870)779-1018 or send me an e-mail and Ill see what I can help you with.