arnis staffs

Apr 28, 2004
my friend and i are taking arnis lessons together and we practise a lot outside of class but neither of us are sure about where is and isnt ok to practise. obviously we don't want to make a huge public display in the streets on boston, but is it legal to carry the staffs in the city if we're not actually fighting with them?
Oct 31, 2004
it depends on your intention for them. If you are carrying them to and from class then you'll be fine. If you are carrying them in the middle of the night on the way home from a bar you might be in trouble. Massachusetts outlaws the carry of a "billy" which could be interpereted to mean any kind of club or blunt striking instrument. The law also refers to something called "zoobow" or "kung-fu sticks" or "clackers", whatever the hell those are.
The only time it mentions a "bludgeon" is in where it pretains to selling weapons but it doesn't speficy that they are illegal to carry. To be safe, never carry anything thats primary use is as a weapon. But fear not. It's easy enough to fake a knee injury when prompted and they're not going to tell you not to carry a cane. A straight (or hooked) cane can be a devastating weapon and it's not too hard to translate your knowledge of arnis to a slightly longer cane. When you carry a cane, it is always in your hand. It's the only weapon I can think of that will not get you in trouble for brandishing if you have it in your hand before the fight starts.

- Chris
Mar 26, 2004
Boston's my hometown. A great place, but they have some pretty silly laws. As long as you aren't obviously hanging around to cause trouble - i.e. loitering the the wrong part of town - the police aren't gonna mess with you, right? Just look respectable and unthreatening. Be discreet. If you can, practice at home.

If you get questioned, you are a martial arts student going to practice with a friend.