Arrived in Japan safely.

Dec 1, 1999
Greetings everyone! My family arrived at Narita , Japan safely last night. It was a long flight (including the domestic flight). I was able to send one of my Chiruwa Khukuris and Im planning to do some test cutting in the bamboo forest near my in laws place.

I met Wrongfriend last night in person at Narita, and he is a real cool guy. We exchanged gifts and talked about martial arts techniques. I hope to meet with him again soon in Japan to go over some hands on training. I will keep in touch.

Take care everyone!!!!
BA, welcome to Japan! Thanks for your gift for my wife and daughter.
Enjoy your stay, and hope to see you again while your stay if possible.

Otokohadaremo yumenofunanori.
Shonennohinoakogare shinutokimade wasurezunidaiterumonodayo.
Sounds like fun!! What discipline do you study? I 've been into martial arts since I was 5. Great stuff to learn!!

Chris B.