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ARRRRGH!!!...The Wait is Killing ME!!!

Nov 4, 1998
I know that Cetan is on the way to me, but the daily tease that comes from the mailman showing up, and jeaving only junk mail is starting to weigh heavily on my already over-stressed knerves. I figgered I would stammer out a post to try and alleviate some pressure, and ask "How do you deal with waiting?"

P.S. Is it me or is the USPS 2-3 day service a little more like 5-6 day service?

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Hey Yekim. It went out so you should get it VERY soon. Maybe tomorrow.

Best Regards,
Mike Turber
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Do it! Do it right! Do it right NOW!


I wouldn't mind being in your shoes.


Life is trade-offs. You have all that great fishing in Alaska, but parcel delivery SUCKS!!


You'll love it, I have the first one Rob made...not as pretty as it originally was, but it is a keeper and a user!

Was using it all day, cutting up poly irrigation pipe and drip tape

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We all feel your pain Yek. Really.

Never a dull moment!

Compare notes with Greg Mete (Kodiak PA) about parcels including UPS and the time it takes to get to Alaska. Figure a few more days than the various services normally quote.

....but the wait WILL be worth it!

Ron Hood of Hoods Woods a real live tough guy told me last night and I quote, "If I get to bed now, it will be here sooner" Kinda hilarious coming from this giant of a man! So Yekim, go to bed! ha ha ha
I have a bad habit when it comes to dealing with waiting. I order more knives to fill in the down time while waiting for a knife to arrive. Anyone else do this?

I feel your pain, Yekim. I usually try to get 2nd day shipping when I order something...though this last time I did the UPS 2-5 day turnaround to get my Viele.

It drove me nuts waiting for the thing. I'm not a patient fella. It arrived today and has a liner lock problem. ARGH.

Ah well, no worries. Spyderco has a good customer service department.
(Thanks Danelle)...but it does mean I hafta wait some more.

What's a junkie supposed to do?
Actually, I think humor is the best medicine, and the chuckle I got from reading the thread has helped ease the anxiety a little...thanks...

P.S. I think my luck has changed for the better....(continuing from the "And the
Winner is....." thread) I finally got a job...Now only if Ed McMahon would knock on my door...


Boy! If you think waiting for the Cetan is tough... Waiting for Ed McHahon... :O He hasn't found me yet in the lower 48. Alaska, well...


grumble....still not here.....thoughts of some mailman with my knife on their hip are driving me crazy.....

I think Grnamin has the right idea -- if you order a knife every week then you ought to get one in the mail every week. Even better, order one every day!

-Cougar Allen :{)
I would love to be able to buy a knife everyday. I would do my best to do so if it were not for the fact that I am saving for an engagement ring (I was fantasizing about what my next knife might be when my girlfriend reminded me...). After I get married, there will hopefully be a small window of at least nine months in which I can get away with buying a knife or two

Yekim, I've been there. The only good thing about that stupid piece of polished carbon that cost more than my first two cars combined is that now, when I mention something I want to buy, there's nothing for her to say. After all, I haven't spent a thousand dollars on anything for myself . . .
As a fellow Alaskan, I feel your pain. USPS 3-5 day service here is 4 days at the earliest and sometimes over a week (right, Bob?)

I was a very patient man before this knife habit took hold and Greg (grnamin) I do exactly what you do. I bargain with myself, "OK if the XXXXX doesn't come in today at least XXXXX may be here".

I ordered a Sebenza from Anne Reeve 3 months ago and just got it yesterday. Talk about waiting for the post man.

Enjoy your knife Yekim!




Congradulations on the Sebenza...I want one so bad my teeth hurt, but it is a little down on the want list..next big buy is going to be a gun...Probably a Marlin Guide gun, or a Redhawk in .454......oops, rambling...sorry...Lemme know if you ever make it up to Angerage...er um, Anchorage, I'd like to see a 'Benza. Just send some e-mail...

I was pretty happy with Priority mail at first, things seemed to show up fast, but recently it has been getting slower and slower. Of course I am still kinda young, and the patience gene seems to have skipped my generation.

Well M yfingerz are crossed, and I have been good, hopefully Santa will bring my new toy tomorrow...