ARRRRRGGG... My Benchmade 350...

Oct 3, 1998
Ever since I started useing my BM 350 I have noticed quite a few "specail" things that it does. The edge either chips out or rolls over on it self
. The lock is very stiff and imposible for one hand closing
. Opening the knife is hard too
. And I've maimed its nice satin finish

The question, Am I the only one who is having these problems?

Two words for ya in answer: HELL NO.

Hmmmm...Well, I dunno about the 350. But my Sensei switched from a BM daily carry to a Genesis due to quality issues, Dr. Walter Welch got thrown off the BM forum for talking about rampant quality issues...upshot is, I've heard of more BM problems than I have any other "good knife brand", *ever*.

I know I wouldn't buy one, not till I get multiple "all clear" signs from trustworthy people such as Walter, James Mattis and others.

Jim March
believe it or not, i'm having trouble with my brand new BM Pinnacle 750BT. i have excessive blade play after only 1 week and little use! see topic "problem with Pinnacle 750BT" on the Benchmade forum for detailed information.

take care, marco
I have a 350SBT. To it's defense, I actually consider it one of my more smooth and more reliable knives. I've read similar reports but mine has none of those symptoms.

However, I handled two others at the shop before I bought mine. The locks seemed real hard to release on the other two.
I have 2 BM 350's. One with BT2 and one without. Both plain blade. The BT2 is fine, the other one chips. Both are smooth openers. The liner lock is difficult to work, but that is more of a location problem than anything else. There isn't enough purchase for your finger/thumb to get a grip. To answer you, yes I am having similar problems with the blade, but no I don't have the same problems with open/close. Send it back to Benchmade, it sounds like you got a bad one.

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The action on mine is quite stiff. Loosening the pivot makes no difference. My major concern is that the lock is very susceptible
to lint build up. If I do not check the lock regularly, it sometimes fails to engage...potentially dangerous.

Brian W E
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