artllery damascus

Dec 25, 2004

Sory photo bucket and me are not close friends
At last some pictures.
The blade was made out of a 24mm Russian anti aircraft gun that could fire 900 rounds a minute. It was hand forged by Van Poppel but it was extremely difficult due to the high temperatures that were needed.The hilts are made out of 200 years old renneisen and are forged too.The wood is a nice cocobolo.It weighs only 11 oz and it is also very fast as a fighter.
Sweet Sub-hilt!
Great prop! :thumbup:

Krupp steel ?
Edited to add:See now that it's Russian.

No it was made in the Sovjet State arsenal and it is much tougher then the Krupp Leopard that it is slwly firing Tank Canon.And because the army is very poor they "sell""every thing.
I like it.
Nice lines and I have always been partial to the color and grain of cocobolo.