As the New Year Approches

Aug 29, 1999
Here we are again going to end another good year, and as the New Year approaches we all have to come up with our New Years resolutions. What kind of knives are we going to be looking for next year to fill our habits. Did we spend to much this
year on knives. What will be your resolution for the upcoming year. I have sold knives for a few years but just started collecting
them for myself. I started to collect Case Texas Toothpicks. And I have about 25 patterns. So my New years Resolution will
be to buy everyone that I can get Next Year, to come up with a least 100 different handle materials.

One other question do you tell the wife how much you spend on knives are only half the amount you spend. I have been on the
phone several times and they would have to call me back because the wife walk in on them or ship to the work place and not
the house.

What kind of knives do you collect


Happy Holidays
Well, let's see. New Year's resolution? No more G-10 (OK, except for the Spyderco Forum Military, but that may be available before the end of this year) or FRN.

Tell the wife? Only if she asks, but I have no need to hide what I spend, or what I spend it on.

The collection is shaping up towards gent's knives, for the most part. I see myself headed towards more natural scale materials. And carbon fiber -- love the look of carbon fiber.


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I buy using knives mostly since for me the best part about owning a great knife is being able to use it without worrying to much about how those inevitable scratches are gonna devalue your $1500 custom job. I spend probably a quarter of my yearly income on knives or knife related material.

Since I am not married yet, i am in the enviable position of not having to justify yet another knife purchase (although my girlfriend has been eyeing the credit card bills suspiciously). I figure that I may as well spend the money now while I still can


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Roger, thanks for making me look back and reflect on what I've added to my collection this year. In 2000, I made the move to handmade and customs, as it stands right now I have 3 custom made knives, and 2 others in the works. I got 7 handmade knives, some I bought others were gifts. Plus a couple of production knives 4 I think. Looks like around 16 new knives, not bad.

What's for next year? My plan is to continue buying stag both fixed blades and folders. I'd like to have a nice multiblade made, maybe a Trapper pattern with a wharncliff rather than a spey blade, something like the Case/Bose II knife. Also, I never bought the Randal #12 Smithsonian Bowie I planned to, so that will go on next years list.

As far as telling the wife what I spend, usually she doesn't ask, when she does I lie.
I tell her what I think she wants to hear, keeps us both happy.

"Will work 4 Knives!"
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