ATC Website Updated!!!

Nov 2, 1999
New pages and content have been uploaded to our site....and finally, the downloadable instructional Tomahawk Throwing Video, featuring Bobby Branton is uploaded!!! With a dial up connection, it takes around 8 minutes..file is 1.12mg


Andy Prisco,
Co-Founder, Manager
American Tomahawk Company

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Cool video. Bobby's feet don't move! How does he do that?

Stay back! or I'll...OUCH...cut myself.

Very cool! I tried throwing like Bobby does and found it quite easy. I just start with my left foot in the space it would have been if I had steped forward as usual, and throw. Works just the same but feels a little awkward. Keep up the good work guys. Hey Andy, can you make one of Bobby throwing at his wife? I have never seen this type of demo and would love to.

Louis Buccellato
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Louis, I throw around her and not at her. She likes it better that way. There's a pic of her on my site under (About Bobby).

I'll try to get Andy to get some footage whenever he comes back down.



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