Atienza Kali projectile training

Mar 8, 2003
New projectiles clip in the public vid gallery guys. Check it out.
I was doing some projectile training and decided to put it on video.
Filmed in the garage.

-left and right hand half spin throws from draw
-left and right hand full spin throws from draw
-half spin throws from draw, left hand loading
-full spin throws from draw, right hand
-full spin throws, underhand
-behind the back half spin throws
-combo throws, projectiles on the run
Very nice. I like the sound of the sticks. You should post this over in the Knife throwing forum as well. I would be cool to see some of this on a solid piece of wood like a piece of tree trunk. What was the target made of?
I usually use plank of wood and throwing knives but the wood target was all chewed up.

So I used cardboard and initally throwing knives but the knives kept going through the target.

So what you guys finally saw was aluminum trainers and a folded up cardboard box.