Atlanta Cutlery Bowies

Nov 25, 1998
I am aware that Windlass Steel in India and their American distributors, Museum Replicas and Atlanta Cutlery do not have a great reputation for the quality of their swords. Have any of you seen any of the Bowie knives that they carry in the Atlanta Cutlery catalogue? From pictures, some of them appear quite nice, but I was wondering how their wokmanship and materials appear in close examination. If any of you have any such information, could you post it, please?

Walk in the Light,
Windlass owns MRI and Atlanta Cutlery. When looking at their catalog ( print ) after handling some of their stuff, you can then tell that what you thought might be a wavy line on the grind in the picture due to printing, really is a wavy line on the blade. I got some of their stuff, and the quality was fair to poor and that's being charitable.
As a using tool, they might be ok, but I'd never put myself in a place I had to depend on it. I gave most of it away to non-knife people for decoration.

Fuller, I saw those bowies that they advertise and they are indeed impressive, but I have to go with Rusty, the pictures do them more justice than they deserve. But then again, your not paying that much even for the best ones, so you can look at them as throw aways.
I have seen them to and they do look good.I haven't handled one or seen it up close but I imagine you get what you pay for.The thing that they look like they would be good for is a wall display. They are the only cheap Bowies that I have seen that look half way decent as far as historically. They even have a Searles copy.
I put a stablized burl handle on one of those damascus blades for a buddy of mine, and I am sorry to say that I would not use one again. The second damascus blades grind was so bad and uneven that I chuncked it in a junk box.
Chris, Top of Texas Knives