Atlassidor one-hand sheath

Jan 22, 1999
Bob (bald1) mentioned over in the FS/FT section that he uses one of these sheaths for his Damascus 110. Rather than continuing the thread over there, I though it would get more exposure here.

I'd appreciate any feedback that users can offer. I've gone to the Atlassidor page,, & believe I understand how the sheath works. My questions relate to how WELL it works. Does it hold the knife securely? release consistently & smoothly? how is quality? any other similar systems to consider? general concerns/comments? and, finally, what dealers carry the system?

I'm not wild about thumb studs, disks, and holes except, of course, for their obvious value in one-handed opening. If this works as well as purported, there are a few nice pieces that could find their way back into my daily rotation. Thanks.


Among all the one hand opening sheaths I've ever tried (and I've tried my share), this one seems to work the best. I also prefer the covered version which is not shown on the web page. Simply put instaed of a strap that goes across the knife, it is a full piece of leather with snaps like the strap.

As with any system, practice is needed to get things down pat. Once done, the Buck or similar lockback can indeed be drawn locked and ready to go very, very quickly.

I obtained two sheaths direct (forgot the guys name who runs Atlassidor, but will look it up at home) as I found no dealers and gave one to a co-worker. There is a bit of size variance but manufacturer's tolerances and variances due to the use of different knives are controlled through the use of felt pad inserts. My only real beef was that the studs were exposed and not covered on the inside of the sheath. I fixed that with self-adhesive felt pads... something I urged Atlassidor to consider.


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Thanks for the info, Bob. The concept certainly appeals to me. Like you, I think I'd be more interested in the covered version.

You mentioned how the studs are exposed on the inside. I make custom sheaths as a hobby and use a product known as Edge Coat (Tandy), a rubber-based coating for finishing sheath edges. A double coat of this stuff also works pretty well for covering all internal rivets, snaps, etc.

I just found another product, Plastidip, that should work even better for covering sheath hardware. It's available in black and meant for covering tool handles and the like with a rubbery coating.

I'm trying it out right now on a small skeleton handle push dagger. If it works well & is durable, it could be a neat mod for Stiff Kiss fans.