ATS-34 and rusting

Aug 15, 1999
I just made a paring knife for my wife, and she washed it and let it drip dry. It started to show some rust spots.
I have not seen ATS-34 do this before.
The blade is ats-34 done to 59 RC, only taken to 320 grit.
any ideas on why the rust spots so easily?
I had a bead blasted tactical folder made out of ATS-34 that rusted quite easily.
thanks for the help!
I believe it to be the finish. If my poor failing memory serves correctly I had a bead blasted blade of ats-34 that also rusted easily.
Matt, glad to see another canadian here!!!
Too bad you are from Edmonton. LOL
I am in Calgary!

There is no suh thing as "good enough", either your work is good or it is not. How is your work?