ATTENTION ALL USERS: Technical problems currently being experienced


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Oct 2, 1998
I have gotten several emails about some problems that you guys are currently experiencing. I am now aware of the problems, and to some extent, what is causing them.

Here was the situation: With version 5.16 of the forum software, (and to some extent 5.15) people could not edit their profiles, meaning that they could not change their email address or password.

What was happening, instead, was that the software was inserting this information on OTHER profiles instead. When I tested this, my information overwrote another members profile, so stevep, please contact me! This has occured with several other profiles as well, so if you suddenly cannot post, let me know.

To fix this problem, I have gone back and installed version 5.13, you should be able to alter your profiles and passwords just fine now.

If you can not alter your profile, or your password isn't working correctly, email me at and I will do my best to fix it ASAP. If you are sending me an email from an address different from the one in your profile, I need to know that as well.

Sorry about the inconvinience. As luck would have it, I'm finishing packing for my move to Jacksonville right now so I may not be able to respond to your emails before Sunday, I apologize in advance.


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