Attention all WOO carriers!

Mar 20, 1999
You gotta do this to your Woo's. (Do a better job on the spacing though.) It took me about 40 minutes or so whith a little "V" file while watching TV one night. (Maybe I should have done less watching of the TV and more of the spacing.)

<img src=>

<img src=>

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Wow! What a difference this makes.

I cord wrapped the handle soon after. Even better!

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Very nice! Try a checkering file sometime. Makes it easier to space the cuts. Better for an aging oaf like me!
Yeah, but that would mean buying more tools! I'll just have to lay off the coffee and quit watching those "Wildest Police Videos" while filing.
This also work's great on all those Spyderco hump's too. Better feel, and I like the look better.

"War to the knife and knife to the hilt"

Great idea! Thanks for sharing!

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OK Guys-here's another instance where I reveal my ignorance: Who makes the Woo and where can I get one??!! I assume it has a very cool kydex neck sheath, judging by the pic's of the blade. Thanks-Paul
Wicked Knives makes the Woo.
Newt Livesay (sp?) is the owner/proprietor.
EXCELLENT knives for the $$$.
Let me put a word in the the Little Pecker.

Same handle, just a more convential blade shatp, and really great.

I just posted an impression in the Reviews Forum.

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