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Oct 2, 1998

We will soon open the dealer forum. It will be password protected and only dealers, distributors and manufacturers will be allowed to view or post.

Sorry members, this is not meant to hide info from you but many subjects will involve prices and other info not meant for the ELU.

The dealer area will be open on March 1st.

I need you to email me with the following information before I can give you a password.

Business name:
Real Name:
Screen Name or member name you use here:
URL to web site:

If you do not have an URL I will need you to fax me proof that you have a business like a tax id number of business license.

You may fax this to: 904-886-0969 and put attention BladeForums on it.


Also I don't like the name "dealer forum", so if you have a better one let me know.

Thanks and look for the new forum soon.

Best Regards,
Mike Turber
BladeForums Site Owner and Administrator
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How about "Resellers Forum" or "VAR Forum" (i.e., value-added-reseller forum)? Any prize for the winning forum name?

Oh I dunno- an "inner circle" determining the fate of the "rabble"(read ELU).
Hammer, I don't know if you are expressing a concern, or being sarcastic, so I'll take a few moments to explain the upcoming dealer forum.

This section, by neccessity will be password protected because dealers need an area where they can discuss marketing techniques, their policies, etc, without having disclosing certain sensitive information to the general public. Upcoming product lines is one possiblity, distributor requirements is another example of things that are kept quiet. Fraud warnings, etc etc etc, you get the picture.

No, these things aren't Top Secret National Security Issues, but they don't need to be in the other forums either.

Also, the Dealer forum will help bring in some additional income for this site, helping us keep it free for you guys.

Anyhow, the thing to remember is that this site is entirely Member driven. The Dealers don't run the site, nor do the Manufacturers, you guys do. Without you, the site would not be here, and we more than anyone realize that. If this forum turns into a problem instead of a useful addition, then it will go away, it's that simple.

No conspiracies, no Illumanati, no secret plots, just the standard dealer networking (and related activity).


Kevin Jon Schlossberg
SysOp and Administrator for BladeForums.com

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Actually Spark I was being just a little bit sarcastic- sorry if I offended.I really don't have to know everything... it just seems that way. After reading Walt's less than normally verbose (dare I say terse?) reply to my question left me feeling insecure, I felt it neccesary to further flaunt my ignorance. BTW- who is the Illuminati? (I'm doing it again) Mike K.
Hey Hammer,

Sarcasm is a virtue of the truly intelligent so don't think of it as a negative, just a different way of expressing ones opinion. I too am sarcastic and find it amusing when people take me way too serious. Of course most have a predilection for irrelevancy anyway which further dictates my direction for retort. Only after their retort is it then is it necessary to modify your aggressiveness to meet the needs of those who must flaunt their ability to maintain composure. If all else fails and the fecal matter impacts upon the rotary oscillator you should recant and hope no one saw you make an ass of yourself. This is what I do best, not the recanting part but making an ass of myself. I excel at that fine art.

However there are other ways of expressing ones self so as to not offend anyone. Let me know when you find one

Best Regards,
Mike Turber
BladeForums Site Owner and Administrator
Do it! Do it right! Do it right NOW!