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Oct 7, 1998
Attention members new guidelines have been established. Only opinions that are approved by Cliff Stamp will be tolerated in the Knife Reviews and testing forums. Anything else is pollution
I didn't read that Cliff disagreed with your negative review but just the name calling. Now I didn't read that far into the thread but based on Cliff's statement I assume this is what he was talking about.
Donna there was no name calling.
Please read the thread again.
It looks more to me like Lynn Griffith and our esteemed moderator had a telephone conversation on how to stop any negative comments about Lynns knives from being posted in the forums.
Hi, TomW, how about posting a pic or two of that Lynn Griffith knife, that way your words will be proven to be true, and all of this bickering can come to a stop.

There are links to pictures of the particular piece in question in md2020's review:

Check it out if you so desire

My apologies Tom,

I got a chance to read the thread, the harshest thing you said to Lynn is to go back to grinding school maybe this is what Cliff was referring to but you didn't attack his charactor or person, you were not pleased with the knife and you stated that you do not like the hype.

I thought that based on Cliff's statement that name calling might have taken place here. I was wrong in assuming.

But, the review was a negative review and the question is, are negative reviews allowed in the reviews forum or only positive ones?

Donna reviews can contain negative aspects and can be in fact completely negative - as related to the blade. If you don't agree with what I have stated or do not understand the policy by all means either drop me an email or raise the question in the thread I started containing the guidelines.

Not open for further replies.