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attention newcomers!

Aug 23, 1999
you've probably figured out things are not "normal" right now here at the HI Forum. Take solace in the fact that even when the server is healthy and things are running smoothly, things still aren't "normal" and never were. There's too many khuks around here for that. It'll get busy as the regulars at Uncle Bill's Cantina stumble upon this new site. In the meantime, you can learn a great deal by looking through the Khukuri FAQs. The link is below Bill's signature on his posts.
Well said, M, in dispelling any notion of normalcy in connection with the HI forum! But that's exactly what makes it so much fun -- we're a bunch of oddballs, for the most part, who wouldn't dream of being any other way! I, for one, have been a square peg in a round hole for so long I frankly wouldn't know how to act normal (not that I would want to). And should any forumite take offense at being labeled an oddball, I'm sorry. But the next time you're at work, take a good look around -- how many of your co-workers are enchanted by curvy knives made in Nepal? I rest my case.

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My friends are interested in Formula1-racing.
I think they are oddballs....
I'm sure glad I fit in here!!!!
Everyone has always said I was an odd one, I suppose because I am one of the "black sheep" of the familly along with my cuz.

We weren't really bad, just "different", because we liked fast cars, fast women and good whiskey, but we never tried to hide it like the rest of our family.

I still like fast cars and good whiskey, but I traded the fast women for one good woman that's my best friend and my dearly beloved wife.
Best trade I ever made!!!!


"I would rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy."

........unknown, to me anyway........

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