ATTN DEALERS -- group orders

Jan 13, 1999
I got this idea.

Would you dealers out there be willing to do a discount for a group order of certain items?

For example, you could advertise in the sales forum that if you get 20 takers on a certain piece, you'd do a substantial discount.

I think this will have a lot to offer for everybody. And this forum is pretty much the only place that can do it.

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I would be interested in doing that as well. I can get pretty much get any brand you can think of. Chances are with something like that there would be a wait since the dealer will have to order since they are unlikely to have say 20 or more of one specific knife. Just wanted to point that out. I do think it is a good idea for all parties though.


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Where the real savings comes in for the individual is ordering many items at once in most cases! Group orders shipped to one place help as well.

Shipping and hanlding on 20 orders of 1 item each can be a real killer for many items. This also depends on what your after. On a higher end knife, there is more lattitude then on a cheaper production piece. Wal-Mart sells Buck 110's for $30 (at least last time I looked) so, I would have a hard time getting one to you for $30 without losing money plus, I have to box it all up and ship it!

If you wanted something that is normally not discounted such as a "custom" knife and say a Streamlight or Sure-Fire flashlight, I have much more flexibility on the price of the flashlight then if you order just that one item and, you/I pay shipping once instead of twice.

I will have to ponder this question some over the weekend and see what/if package deals I can run at a discount....hmmmm

Sign me up as one of the twenty. The few, the proud, the knife collectors!


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Sounds like a good idea. I can do that for Photon Lights, but it might be kind of hard for dealers to get 20 knives of one type. Heck, I am known from my distributors to only get 3 at a time...

What kind of "stuff" do you folks want?
2 in Silver Spring, MD - looks like we might find a common shipping point somewhere around DC! That should save a bit on shipping! This could prove interesting.
Well if there are enough folks around DC, we can work an order at the KnifeCenter of the InterNet
Give me a nice size order and I'll get the items in for everyone. You can stop by College park to pick them upand I'll even give an extra discount for CASH! The only thing is, we have to be sure that there really is enough people to make it worth it and it has to be something that isn't in short supply. You might try the manual SOCOM Tantos just released. I'm open to ideas.
Hkorn, just out of curiosity, or the next time I come up that way... I understand you have a show-room in College Park? If so, could you give me directions? I live down in So. MD, but come up by College Park fairly often. Also, I have a friend who is VERY interested in buying a one-hand holder, after having seen a few of mine. He is up in College Park at least once a week, and I'm sure he'd like to stop by. I a little familiar with the area, mostly around REI and up the main street (Rt. 1) through the college. I am actually supposed to head up to Great Falls tomorrow to go climbing, and my friend and I may be able to stop by then. Thanks.

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That sounds like a plan to me. Thanks a million. I've been meaning to stop by The KnifeCenter of the Internet anyway, and this will give me an excellent excuse.

Now all we have to do is decide what it's going to be. That may be the hardest part. Ok, DC area guys - tactical or traditional, what's it gonna be? I have a personal hankerin for an MOP Case (very traditional), but I could really get excited about something like the Spyderco Moran or a reasonably priced quality tactical folder. Any more candidates/ideas?
Hi Bob! I don't have much interest in the Case but I need my third Moran and just about any tactical folder would be of interest.


who dares, wins

I sometimes see that others get knives below cost. I'm not sure, but I think it's Mr. Turber that always tells me that dealers can make up cost on volume. If this is the case, would we be able to get a large order of knives below cost, or would they just be slightly discounted? -AR

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I think the phrase "selling below cost but making it up in volume" is an old dealer joke. Anything would have to be sold over cost to make a profit, no matter what the volume. Still, if you guys get a large enough order together, a dealer might be willing to go only very slightly over their cost.


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I don't think any dealer wants to sell knives below cost. The only time they do that would be on items which have been sitting around for a year or so and they sell it below cost just to get some money back out of it.

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Aha - well ok, let's hear about some of those items which have been sitting around for a year or more.

Actually, to be fair, we've seen a few - but I'd love to see a few more.

Older knives are good knives too. I can get into shelf life discounted items.
As a charter member of the DC Knife Nuts, I'm open to a Spydie Moran or maybe something else in the range of a Spydie Herbst or the BM mini-Axis (is that what the 705 will be called?).

Maybe we can talk Howard into opening for a short time on a Saturday morning for the first annual DCKN Meeting, Doughnut Roll, and Knife Purchase. Out-of-area residents may join; no dues.
I live ten minutes from the Knifecenter on the Internet so I like this idea. The factory knife I would like to buy at a discount is a REKAT Carnivore.