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Oct 2, 1998
This is my second public attempt to contact you.

We have tried repeatedly to send you your password so you can access the forums. I personally have tried to send it on 7 seperate occasions. Tonight, I even signed up for a Hotmail and Yahoo account to try to send it through there.

Each time your email bounces. You apparrently are not accepting any mail from anywhere. I would suggest that you fix your email account, so that you can receive email from us.

BTW, folks, 99% of the email problems we run into on the forums comes from people using either, or as their mailing service. Email sent to these mailing services consistantly bounces, causing a headache for us. We cannot send passwords when this happens, and without passwords, those people cannot change their profiles or make posts. If this trend continues, we may be forced to ban future registrations from people who use these services. This won't affect those of you who are already registered, but will prevent further registration from those providers.

I hope that this doesn't happen, so please make sure that your email service is reliable.

Not open for further replies.