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Atwood prybars


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Nov 3, 2005
Hey guys how are yah

I have been looking at his site for quite a while, and he has some wonderful pieces. The kerambits as well as the many knives. I just wanted to ask about his prybars.

I just wanted to ask the people who have bought them do you use it on a regular basis, and if you do what situations do you use it for.

take care happy holidays

I own several pry bar type products , they are superb . His other products , and indeed Peter himself are very well respected . Ownership of a prybaby should be mandatory for anyone with a folder valued in excess of $50.00 .I use them for everything ranging from opening clambshell packs , to semi major prying applications .

If you are refering to the prybabys I have mine with me constantly and although about 10% of the time I use it when I need it ( removing a staple, loosing a screw, etc) about 90% of the time I play with it. " Gee I wonder if it will move ... " it almost always does. My brother is always "using his in a creative fashion. Mr. Atwood is the man.
ps. I just received for Christmas a goblin tanto....supercool.
Well, I own a PryBaby, a Bug Out Bar, and 2 Wedgies. The Prybaby is always with me, in my money wallet. (And I have one of his whistles too.) There are soooo many uses for Peter's pry tools!!
Ok you guys just convinced me I am getting one. I have checked out the site
and heard several good reviews of his work here as well as read a few of his posts(he seems like a nice guy to). I have not decided what exactly to get but
some kind of prysomething.
Peter IS a GREAT guy!! I have had the pleasure of meeting him. You made a great decision to buy some Atwood gadgets!! Let us know what you get, please.
Oh, gawd, I love my Prybaby! It keeps me from doing all those incredibly stupid things with my knives that they were not designed to do. And I've got the broken knife tips to prove it.
I used mine to take apart an IKEA bed that I had assembled incorrectly over Christmas. Worked great, and hitting it with a hammer made no impact on it at all.
If you plan on keychain carry, the mini-Prybaby XL is the one to get. Smaller and lighter than the Prybaby, the bend gives you extra leverage. I use mine as a prybar, scraper, screwdriver, nail remover every day. The S30V is very tough and none of my edges have deformed (like a cheap screwdriver).
Another vote for the mini-Prybaby XL. I don't find the little bend to make it much bulkier at all, and it looks like a pretty solid fulcrum. I believe it's now called the "Prybaby Keychain Edition", and then you choose the "XL" option from there.

Mine fits perfectly on my keychain with my ARC-AAA flashlight.

I will admit that I've mostly used it for prying the tops of bottles of barley-pop, but I've only had it a few weeks. Very pleased with the purchase overall.

Atwood makes some massively cool stuff:


Mine fits perfectly on my keychain with my ARC-AAA flashlight.

I find the bend on mine makes it fit around my ridiculously large Honda car key. It has some kind of plastic crown with an imbedded chip that de-activates the alarm. The XL Prybaby nests around the key just like it was made for it.
I use an Atwood V-notch Booger myself. I think it looks way cooler than the prybaby :cool:

I looked at his prybaby bars but I found them to be a bit small for my liking. So I opted to purchased his Bug Out Bar. Now we're talking about a piece of steel! It is large enough to get some big jobs done but small enough to carry in my BOB.
I have one of those keys for my SIR civic, now I think I know which one I want.
I wish my 919 had an immobilizer to.