Auction Interest

Dec 20, 1998
I was noticing how lousy the quality of knives was at the online auction houses and thinking how great it would be if real knife people were doing the auctions. I sent in a suggestion to Spark asking about the posibility. He said that the idea had been kicking around for a while and if interest was high enough it would be no problem.

I can't think of any negatives on this, if anyone can please post. I'm not suggesting BladeForums turns into ebay or anything of the sort. Maybe a once a month thing or something along those lines.

I guess this is just a poll (God I hate that word) to see if interest exists so have at it.
Thanks for listening.

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Hi Tim, I guess if I can't support you with a post, who can?

I'm not too thrilled about the auction since I rather just see what is for sale, either make an offer or accept the price in the Knife Exchange. I don't feel like competing with anyone here, though. That's just me. I wouldn't want to see a knife I want, tell the seller I accept his price and then have someone come in and bid higher and I lose the sale.

Just my $0.02 I would be interested in hearing how you think an auction would work in this type of forum. I have never participated in an on line auction so I have to admit I'm not that familiar with them.

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Oh my, now they want specifics. I really have no Idea about particulars, I'd have to look to Mike & Spark for the how to info.
I agree with you Greg, competition could get ugly so I'd be for some type of anonymity,like maybe a bidder number instead of user names or something like that.
I can't say that it would work here, or even be worth considering. I have had a lot of fun bidding at places like ebay, and I've even made a few friends from it. I've made a couple of very good deals this way as well. The sellers have been happy too, so I considered it a win win situation.
As I'm writing this I'm coming up with all kinds of negatives that I hadn't thought of before I posted however. Wow, is this what reality really looks like? Cool.
Junior members are supposed to come up with off the wall stuff, right?

So, in closing let me just say "NEVERMIND"

have you tried i guess it's an online auction house just for knives but for the past week there have been no knives listed.
The online auction idea is still alive and yes if we do it I would highly recommend using a alias insted of your real name or handel used in here. We are looking at software pieces to run it. The underlying theme which is holding me back for now is that it may need to be a sister site and not an integral part of this site. The reason for this is a dealer can look at it too ways. Our for sale board allows a dealer to post items for sale as well as his competitors. Now does the dealer really want to support sending his customers to a potential competitor? The same would happen in an auction site so if we do it it must be fair to all and especially the dealers who post there. The other auction site mentioned appears to be just an extension of a knife dealers business and we all know what that type of relationship can produce.

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I don't know about this "Fighting Knives" site, but I was noticing in "Blade" magazine that Krause pubs now has After a quick look, it would seem that the krause site is not just knives, but there should be some decent quality blades there.
It seems that maybe this isn't such a dead issue after all. One of the things I really enjoy about BladeForum is the fresh thoughts that I'm always seeing. I find myself constantly saying to myself "I never thought of that, cool".