Aukusti Bowsaw and axes

Jan 15, 2001
A friend of mine in Finland who is a prolific collector of Finnish axes sent me a photo today of a Aukusti Bowsaw. You can google and get an image of the wooden handled saw, the one he got was an original so instead of the cord across the top with the wooden peg you twist to tighten the cord, his has a metal wire, with a screw type collar that you twist to tighten. He also sent me a link to a Finnish video on Finnish soldiers learning how to make axe handles, fit axe handles, make the saws, sharpened and straighten saw teeth, and testing the axes and saws. Additionally footage of soldiers logging lots of trees to be used for making charcoal, and lumber to be used to build fortifications. The Finns awarded stick pins in the shape of axe heads in Bronze, Silver and gold according to how much firewood you'd cut, this during the Winter war and the war of Continuation. Here is the video link:
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Mar 10, 2011
From Lusto - The Finnish Forest Museum (image owner):


Native XF ad, Below bottom BC