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AUS6 and SAK steel

Dec 22, 2000

I got my CRKT Urban Shark today, so i just wondered what is the hardest steel the AUS6 in this knife, or the steel in my lost little friend the Victorinox Explorer??
Just curious!!

I would probably say that AUS6 is a tougher steel than the blade on your SAK. I'm not sure of the exact steel used by Wenger and Victorinox, but since they are mass produced, I would think they must be made of an economical grade steel to meet production costs. AUS6 is not the best steel around but it is very servicible. I have to say that your Urban Shark is one of the best buys around. CRKT as a whole makes great knives for the money.

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I think it's 420 or an equivalent. I remember hearing that but I couldn't find it on their website. It does say that they used 2400 tons of steel though.
Think I heard it was 420HC. I think I saw that mentioned somewhere on the forums, but can't confirm though.
Hi Norweigan!

The Victorinox knives are made of a French steel. It´s name and model is: Bonpertuis TP1, série 420. http://perso.wanadoo.fr/eurotechni/inox.html

It is hardened to around 55 HRC and very similar to 420 (as you can see according to its name). With other words, the AUS6 should be a somewhat harder steel.

Both steels display a good rust resistance and are quite tough.

I´d go with the AUS6.

dePaul, Thanks a lot!
Marttiini uses T7M0 as their standard SS. I've wondered elemental composition for T7M0 since someone (ZUT ZUT or achimW) told Marttiins stainless steel garade.

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I know bonpertus is the supplier of victorinox, and opinel too, but both Opinel and victorinox have special series of steel being made for them. Victorinox does not use 420, 425 maybe, but I think you'd be better off trying 440B, the most produced steel by bonpertus. It's just a guess, but I think a right one. I don't tink you'd notice a difference between AUS-6 and SAK steel.

Keep in mind that the victorinox blades are more or less forged and the AUS-6 is stockremovalled.

greetz, Bart.

greetz, Bart.

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AFAIK the SAK steel is the german aquivalent to 440A.. I don't know the name now, but the tolerances are a little stricter methinks...
but then again... what do I know...?

You may assume, that Vix uses more than one supplyer and that the steel is made to their specs. The volume is large enough.
The steels of the 420/440-series have wide acceptable limits, so unless they tell you, you will never know exactly.
One of my knives from Vix was labeled (by the dealer) X55Cr14Mo5, which would be around German 4110 or AISI "425". It does cut nicely.
For their SAK they specify HRc56 and a Cr/Mo stainless steel.
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Hi guys, here is an update. Yesterday, I received an E-mail from Victorinox, in order to eliminate the confusion. This is what they wrote:

The mainsupplier for our steel for pocket-knives are Ugine (France), Krupp/Thyssen (Germany), in smaller quantities also Böhler (Austria) and Sandvik (Sweden). Bonpertuis are our mainsupplier for steel for the production of houshold- and butchery knives.

Well as it seems, we were all wrong ;( Now, the logical question would be: What kind of steel does Ugine and Krupp/Thyssen use for the Victorinox knives?? For the recent moment, I don´t have an answer but I´ll try to do some more investigations

Sharp regards wishes dePaul!


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