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Jan 19, 1999
What will take to get autos made legal
I still have not found a sound reason why
they are not. From what I have read most
stappings are from kitchen knives or hunting knives( no offense to the hunters)
out there. How can we get this done? I
am sure there some politial types outthere.
I also think autos should be legal everywhere.

Maybe legalizing autos should be the main objective for the American Knife and Tool Institute (AKTI)? I haven't joined AKTI b/c I don't know exactly what their agenda is. I don't want to give them my money and just have it get absorbed and lost.

There is an organization called the National Motorists Association. When it was formed, their main goal was to repeal the 55mph national maximum speed limit. It took some time but, eventually they did it.

If there was an knife group which would try to legalize autos and was as single minded as the NMA was with the 55mph limit, I'd definitely sign up/shell out some$$.


If you want to know why they were banned, rent the movie "Blackboard Jungle". While you will see good to great performances, the use of the "switchblades" in the film led to a cry to have them banned even though nobody, to my knowledge, ever showed them to have harmed anyone. Sounds very like the "assault weapons" (sic) ban! All emotion and little fact.

Walk in the Light,
There were many reasons behind the passing of the auto law, none of which were very accurate. They were basically pushed thru because at the time there was no opposition to it. Now if you are truly interested in changing this law, than I suggest you take a look at a post made a month or so ago concerning amending the law instead of repealing it. A lot less opposition that way and more likely to get accomplished.

As for the AKTI, their agenda is to educate the masses to the versatility of all knives so that unjust laws can be stopped before they are passed. Autos are not a priority with them, partly because it is like tabboo to mention autos in law, but mainly due tothe fact that they are trying to head off current "dunb-ass" knife bills before they become laws as well. Given time and support tho we should be able to amend the current switchblade ban in the near future.

I think the cost of most autos would keep them out of the hands of most thugs. If they were legal maybe the mexican switchblade
would be the only weapon of choice for the
thugs. By the way I thought most criminals
like to have guns .Jo
Jo, the problem is not today, the problem was in the mid to late 1950's, when Hollywood had created the image that young punks carried "switchblades". At the time, these were not terribly expensive, as they were rather badly made Italian and Japanese items in a time when that meant "cheap" in both senses of the word. If you watch "Blackboard Jungle", you will see Glenn Ford take an Italian Stiletto and stab it into a desk then hit it with the side of his hand, breaking it off at the joint. This would not happen with a quality knife. The problem with getting the law changed is that there is an inertia on such matters which, when coupled with an "anti-crime" control viewpoint leads to strong resistance to repeal.

Walk in the Light,