Avatar Editing

Jul 15, 2000
Hey, Gang.

I'm having problems resizing my Avatar so it will work. I tried to cut & crop it, resize, ect, and it is still too big! :(

Anyone have any pointers? What are you using to resize your Avatars?


I used Adobe Photoshop to shrink a picture down for my avatar. It took a little bit of messing about with crop (to get the aspect ratio right - i.e. to make it square) & resize to get it right, but it came out ok in the end. Photoshop lets you specify the width & height in pixels so it's dead handy for this.

Theres a whole heap of other paint programs you could most probably use though, such as the shareware program PaintShopPro .

Hope this helps, but if you're still having problems drop me an e-mail and if you like, we'll arrange for you to e-mail me the picture and I'll resize it for you. :)