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avator for goose!?

May 6, 2004
i realy miss your old avator ...:D
that clown jest gives me the willes knowing you ...:mad:
it jest dont match your bright cheery engagening nature...:grumpy:
i vote that every one says if you should keep it or get your daughter back
even you dog would work! :D
jest kill the clown! it is creepy compared to sweet you !;)
jest my 2 yen... :foot:
Thanks for taking the time to type your concern.
It's just not possible to make everyone happy, but you are not "everyone".
I will check with my step-mom about her fishing pic. She's a little upset in that it brings back sad memories of when she was busted for not having her fishing license on the Saturday of that mom/son church fishing trip weekend. She had to spend the rest of the weekend with the pastor going over lesson reviews.

In the interim, I would like to get your approval for maybe posting my baby pic. Perhaps you will find that more pleasing.

Please advise accordingly...

BTW, thank you for the opportunity to try the attachment feature of this forum.

Warmest Regards,


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    Ronald baby.jpg
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Buckaholic's stepmom has been doing some topless boar hunting with me. I wasn't topless, but she and the pigs were. And the hounds.

Sorry, no pictures.
Here is my plea to Darryl...

Please change your "Maude" avatar...just plain ugly.
Here is my plea to Darryl...

Please change your "Maude" avatar...just plain ugly.
...Okay bud...ya talked me into it...I had a hard time looking at that avatar myself ever since I hung it...I figure a little"fishin' " will always make a guy feel better...:D
I guess Buckaholic won't be buying the 110ME(Maude Edition) then.:D

Nice new avatar ya got there. If she hunts and collects Bucks too, that's marriage material. Something tells me she didn't catch those herself though.:D I wonder if she can use a smoker.

:cool: ...Well if she can't I'm be wantin' to spend some "culinary time" teachin' her how to cut up those salmon with a 110...Of course we'll have to teach her how to stoke the fire to git that "smoke" flowin'...:eek: :D :D