Avoiding warpage with chisel ground carbon steel?

Mitchell Knives

Knifemaker / Craftsman / Service Provider
May 21, 2000
I've made a few chisel ground blades from 1095 in the past, and all of them warped to some degree or another. I'm now thinking about making a few kiradashis from some 1095 and 5160 that I have laying around. Does anyone have any suggestions as how to best avoid warpage during heat treat?

Heat treat then grind.

That's what I do with my stainless knives, but I was under the impression that
this wasn't a good idea for a shallow hardening steel like 1095.

Can carbon steels like 1095 really be heat treated before being ground?
Most of my 1095 is 1/8 stock. I occasionally use 3/16. All are small blades with an OAL of 8 inches or less.

For HT, I take the 1095 up to 1475 - 1500 and let it soak for about 5 minutes. Quench in vegetable and mineral oil.
are you keeping the blades straight the whole time they are in the oven? are they laying flat or on the edge?
They are laying on the spine, edge up.

The double ground blades don't warp too bad, but the chisel ground ones are quite noticable.
i make a lot of chisel grind blades and i do an edge quench. i make mine from 3/16" 1075.