Jan 21, 1999
I just bought the March/April 1999 issue of American Handgunner when I saw pages 76-81 -- truly awesome custom mega-folders and FBs from a certain Steve Ryan!

Eye-popping fat blades, curvaceous blades, hooked blades -- you have to see them to believe them! Blades are typically 5" in length, with skeletonized G-10 handles 5 1/2" long and 1 1/2" wide. Blades are chisel-grind and of ATS-34, although BG42 and 440V are in the works. His price ranges from $350 to $450.

I guess this is the folder we'll get if Jim March, Sal Glesser and Allen Elishewitz were to design one. :)

I hope somebody who has a Ryan folder can give us a review.

Steve Ryan can be contacted at PO Box 30504, Long Beach, CA 90853. His email address is; his catalog is $2.

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Isaw his folders at the knife show in Vegas and was very impressed with the fit and finish. Definitely worth the money.
I really like the look and design of them. I only wish they weren't liner locks. I wonder how well the locks are made. Maybe someone who has one can test his.

Cobalt, did you see the 5" 420V Kit Carson folder at Les' table? It's a liner lock, but has a pretty huge thick liner.

Somehow or other I missed Steve Ryan's knives.

I already emailed Steve Ryan and invited him to join this forum.

I agree with you, Axel, and that's why I hope he joins this forum and learn more about the other locks like REKAT's and BM Axis.

Maybe some of the manufacturers here can collaborate with him?