Axis Lock by Benchmade

A week ago, I asked for and received greatly appreciated input on the REKAT Pocket Hobbit. While I would have liked to own a Pocket Hobbit, as I considered my intended purpose, i.e., daily inconspicous carry, I decided to purchase an Axis Lock folder instead. Today, I thought I would share my initial impressions of the Axis Lock with you.

In that this knife has already received much attention by forum members who know more than I, I hope I won't reiterate what has already been said.

I purchased a plain edge BT2 coated version. It appears to have a G10 spacer. The spacer lacks the sheen present on my AFCK and CQC7. This knife has a feel all its own. In a word, it seems SOLID. The grip is very comfortable in my hand and it has a nice balance. I have done no drills with it yet, but I believe it will be very fast. The knife locks up solidly and releases easily as well.

The only thing I would change, and I may, is to add a thumb relief in the scale to grant faster access to the thumb stud.

I hope my thoughts will add to the body of knowledge already presented on the knife.

Willie Boy
Jan 19, 1999
Well, since I just got one, too, I'll add my 2 cents. A little recess for the thumb stud would be nice, although it's not a major problem. I should say that I went in with intention of getting a Genesis, which I like for the very minimal visibility in the pocket. Why does't anyone else (like BM) use a similar clip? Is it patented??