Axis lock complaint

Oct 3, 1998
I found something (admittedly small) I don't like about the Axis lock as implemented on the BM 705.

The locking bar caps drag annoyingly on the pocket cloth when clipped, leading to slow draws and excessive wear on the pocket. I know it's the caps and not the handle ridges because the drag and noise are still present even after the ridges are outside the pocket.

Anyone ever snag their Axis lock on the draw yet? Seems a bit prone to catch a waiting thread loop.

It rides higher than I prefer too, but that's not a lock problem per se.

Still, I like the knife and the lock a lot. But some improvement could be made to the locking bar caps.
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NEver noticed a problem myself. I am kinda wary of dremeling down the release because I get my knife greasy sometimes and the sharp ridges there are easily worked with minimal fumbling when under the truck. If all else fails, take some fine sandpaper wrapped on a popsicle stick, and buff the ridges down a little.


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Although I haven't noticed that problem at all on my full-sized Axis, I do wish the locking buttons were a bit lower-profile.

I got tired of sore Axis fingers, so I filed all the ridges smooth. Much more fun to play with now. Extremely wet or oily conditions might affect grip, but I haven't come across those situations yet.

Yes, I did void the warranty.

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Just a touch on the belt sander with a super fine belt solved the problem for me. It was my fingers that were taking a beating and my hands are not really soft.
Does anyone carry their 705 IWB?

I have had mine a couple of weeks now and find that the but end really digs into my waist. Now I know I have put a bit of weight on recently
but I have not found it a problem with my other daily carry knives.

I now carry it clipped into my front pocket at work but when I go outside it needs to go IWB so as not to draw the attention of the local law and I am getting big red marks in my flesh.

I have also noticed a lot of drag when drawing and could not figure it out (I thought it was just BM clips, I much prefer Spydie ones)

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Does your 705 have that rough textured finish on the g-10? How about unrounded edges along the handle slabs?
If yes. Sandpaper!
220 grit and a few swipes in the right places under running water should make it comfortable for IWB carry.

There are probably a lot of thinner and smoother knives out there for carrying inside the waistband. The 705 is fairly thick for its length (not everybody likes a thin grip).

And in what jurisdiction would the cops take offense if they noticed that someone was carrying a folder with a sub 3" blade?

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