Axis or AFCK

Apr 21, 1999
Which would be better for defense purposes? Because I want to buy both, but only have enough money for one or the other.

First off, I own both the axis lock 710sbt, and the AFCampK 800bt, and they are both great knives.
For defense though, i would opt for the AFCampK, as there is nothing on the blade to get caught like the thumb stud on the axis. Also, on a thrust and drag, the axis button could get pushed back and the knife could close.
Overall, both knives would serve your purpase admirably.
I like the AFCK better, as a strictly defensive knife, because the handle-shape is very good - the hand "locks in" to the handle well and at a good angle for delivering instinctive cut 'n thrust attacks (those person who unlike me are actually trained in the knife-fighting arts might well have a different opinion, but since I'm going to be freaking on adrenalin if I am defending myself with a knife, I want one that stays locked in my hand - see the polkowski designs, for instance). The Axis has a stronger lock, but since my mini-AFCK has never failed any lock tests I'm not too concerned about lock-strength; if I can stab a tree without a problem, softer targets don't worry me.

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I own both also and think the AFCK is the better defense knife. I personally carry a Glock 27 for defense. The knife is for back-up and utility.
I know you did not mention it,but have you thought about the Spydrco Military? That is the one I carry. I bought it at for $102.00 . That is a great price and a better knife IMHO.
Good luck.


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hello roadkill2, i have the AFCK, Axis, and the Military-dont mean to brag, all of these are awesome for utility, but if you want a strictly self-defense knife, i'd go with the AFCK, the military, and axis are awesome, the mili being the best utility out of the three, but this wasn't designed as a fighter, the walker type cutout to release the lock is no good, great for utility, but not for stabbing or slashing flesh, the axis is also great, but i did some stabbing tests and the button release unlocked, and the stud will always catch on clothing.
Well, I have an Axis on order for a friend, but I haven't played with it yet. I have carried a modified AFCK for years and it's my all-around favorite folder. I will say this - in my opinion, tip-down carry with "the hole" gives faster deployment than any stud or disc. That alone would make me favor the AFCK.

For purely defensive carry, I feel a better choice would be between a G-10 Civilian and an Aluminum Civilian


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Purely defensive? Battle Mistress...

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Since you seem to be picking from Benchmade only products - by far the best choice for the stated role is an M2 High Speed Steel AFCK. This knife has proven to be a pleasure to use in my hands for an everyday knife. With the superior steel, you get a stronger knife that can take more abuse without snapping the tip off. You also could potentially use this defensive knife in non-defensive roles and still have a good edge for cutting when you need it. I will also note that the slim pointy tip pierces things very well and the downward angle of the blade keeps a lot of pressure on the cutting edge with little effort on your part. A very well thought out and executed design IMHO.

Don't forget that the AFCK is tip-down carry (as God intended folders to be), and the Axis is unfortunately only offered in tip-up. So, if you're accustomed to one or the other, that alone may make your choice.

In my case, it becomes AFCK or 880.

Both of these have a feature that the Axis lacks: an almosted pointed pommel (if you can say that a folder has a pommel). This makes the knife useful as an impact weapon for defense even when folded and I like that. But, in this department, nothing beats the Rekat Escalator.

The most important thing about a knife for self defense is not any feature of the knife, but that you get good training and regular practice.

The AFCK is my favorite liner-locking folder. For purely defensive purposes, it's got a few nice advantages over the Axis. The opening hole is the best opening mechanism going (IMO), and the handle is very very secure.

Both knives have wicked slashing ability (AFCK due to ergonomics and forward rake; Axis due to recurved blade). Both have great point penetration, as they both have very sharp points. Both have incredible ergonomics, with the Axis being better for long-use comfort and the AFCK being more secure.

The Axis of course has one huge advantage in my mind -- the axis lock itself. If you trust liner locks for hard-use and defensive purposes, the AFCK is an incredibly good choice. Otherwise, the Axis is also an incredibly good choice. For me, the Axis is a clear and easy winner over my M-2 AFCK, due to the fact that lock reliability is most important to me. On the other hand, the AFCK has one of the best liner locks in a production folder, from what I've seen. If you're gonna go with a liner lock, the AFCK's the one!


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If you can, wait because neither is good enough, IMHO, to be a knife to trust your life with. Ah, if only someone would combine the design of the AFCK with the heft and locking mechanism of the Axis, then they'll have a clear winner!
Alright, well, my decision has been made. I can't stand tip down carry, you can't open it fast enough in my opinion. Since the AFCK can only be carried tip down with the clip, I am going to have to go with the Axis.

If you "can't stand tip-down carry",
your decision was already made!!
Personally,I prefer tipdown carry.

I wasn't aware that the AFCK was ONLY tip down carry. I was hoping I could switch the pocket clip, like you can on the Ascent.

I have seen people who have remounted the clip on the AFCK to make it tip-up, but that is a custom mod and takes someone who knows what they're doing and has the tools since you're going to have to drill into the Ti liner and then tap the holes.

Why you would do this, I don't know since tip-down is the perfect way to carry.

Roadkill, in my humble opinion, you would find the AFCK carried tip-down to be faster than any full-size tip-up knife with a bit of practice. I've carried knives in every configuration and have friends with very different preferences in their carry than mine, but I remain a convert of "the hole." I think with practice the draw-to-strike time of a knife that can be "dropped" is faster than just about anything out there, with the exception of fixed-blades and odd ducks like the Commander. Just my $0.02


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After much thought, I've changed my mind again (I do this often). I'm just going to get an AFCK and try tip down carry. If I don't like it, I'll take the clip off.

I also own both the AFCK and Axis. I prefer the AFCK for defensive purposes because, as Fishface stated, the handle fits my hand very well in either the saber or reverse grip. The relationship between the blade and handle are also such that the blade angle is somewhat forward of the handle.

To the Axis Locks credit, however, I am able to open it with either hand, with similar speed. I like this aspect of this knife.
I don't carry a blade for self defence, but in my opinion the absolutely most fearsome folder is the Spyderco Civilian (or Merlin in zytel handle)
Even the small Cricket with the similarly shaped blade is more effective than most straight or tanto-pointed blades.
Stabbing people only works in the movies-in the real world, "cut-and-run" seems to be a more realistic description, and the above mentioned knives are the best.

Do a little (dangerous!) experiment-take your conventional folder and slide its tip with a quick sweep on your thigh, just barely touching without cutting.
Now, try to do the same with a sharp hawks-beek knife: do you dare to touch the fabric? I don't!