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Axis or Carnivour

Oct 3, 1998
Hello all,

I'm going to purchase one or the other, since they are similar opinions needed.

clyde -- depends on your intended primary use. The Axis is primarily a utility knife, while the Carnivour was designed by Pat Crawford and Bob Taylor as a fighter.
I would pick the CARNIVOR. Check this link as this thread was discussed a few weeks ago:


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I'm a fence-sitter on this issue, too. I'm looking for a utility knife with STRONG lock and STRONG steel. As soon as one of these two is offered in a tool steel (or something similar) I will buy it.


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This is a difficult question, partly because the two knives share some major features, and partly because they're both relatively new, with the Carnivour being particularly new.

I've used an Axis for a while, and handled a few Carnivours. The major feature for each knife is probably the lock. Both knives feature locks based on the same basic principle. The front-lock version of the Rolling Lock is reasonably proven, but the side-lock version has been out for less time. Still, I feel it's probably a very sound lock. The Axis lock has been out for longer than the side-lock but less than the front-lock Rolling lock, and has performed well. Both locks seem very strong and reliable. The one small advantage to the Axis lock is that it's ambidextrous, so you can use it from either hand. That's a don't-care for me, but is important for many people.

I like the blade shapes on both knives. Both have sharp dropped points for good penetration and control. Both have nice bellies for slicing & slashing. The Axis lock has a recurved blade, which typically gives a slicing and zipper-cut performance advantage, but makes sharpening more difficult.

The Axis lock handle is one of the most comfortable I've ever tested, even in prolonged use. The Carnivour handle I've felt but haven't tested. However, it feels nice and is more contoured than the Axis handle. Again, I haven't tested this, but typically a more-contoured handle provides more SECURITY, at the price of less long-term COMFORT.

If you've noticed only minor tradeoffs of this-for-that (performance versus sharpening, security versus long-term comfort), you've figured out why I think choosing between the two based on strictly objective criteria is so difficult. You may be forced to actually handle them and see which one handles better for you, in order to make your right decision.

Overall quality for both knives seems excellent.

My stance at the moment is that I'd give the Axis a slight edge for utility and Carnivour a slight edge for defense. However, my feelings are really based on not-enough-information, and I feel either knife will likely perform wonderfully in either role. If anyone thinks one or the other knife has a strong advantage over the other, I'd love to hear the reasons -- I frankly can't find any yet.

Someday I'll get a Carnivour and be able to say more!


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Good points, Joe. You'll have to buy Carnivour just for us to read your review.

For a poor educator [financially, that is. I'm a very good teacher!
], the price is a major factor. One another issue is availability. Both points go to Axis. You can pick one up discounted around $100. You'll have to look harder for Carnivour, and it will be about $40 more.

Having picked up both knives at the Oregon Show and only having handled each for a minute or so, my gut hunch picks the Carnivour.