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Nov 4, 1998
Well I finally broke down and got one of these things, thanks to Joe Talmadge, Steve Harvey, and Larryluana for all of their raves. This knife does kick butt...

Initial Impressions:

It took me a bit to get used to the Axis lock. I kept trying to press a liner or push a toggle, it is in a different place than I am used to. I have managed to get used to it, and it is fooking FAST. The thumbstuds are in the "right" place so that you don't have to dislocate your thumb to open it all the way. Most Thumbstuds and holes are difficult for me to use, the Axis's is in the perfect spot. The dual thumbstuds don't hang up on withdrawl like the CRKT Mirage does, that was a worry factor for me. The blade was okay..a little off in the edge grind, which is BM's typical too thick to sharpen right grind.

Overall fit and finish is up there, I like the texture of the g-10, and the shape of the handle is natural and very familiar. I like the shape of the blade, and the tip is not as thin as I thought it would be, but it ain't no prybar. The recurve is nice. I could live without the false edge, I don't think it adds anything. My other druthers are the roughness of the thumbstuds and the lock release...my thumbs are raw right now.

For all those who know about my Dremeling habit, I did do a little to it. I modified the closing detent a'la Thaddeus so it will open a little easier (in a vain attempt to save my thumbs). Flicks open like a dream too....

I like the Axis alot, and the easy access to the lock release offers a plethora of opening and closing opetions that were never available before. This is the first knife that I can flick open AND closed. With the knife closed, one can release the lock a little and give it a shake and the blade pops open easy enough..same for closing...Ant it does not have to be actuated by the thumb either, if, for some reason, your thumb is raw, you can use your forefinger to open and close the knife. With a little practice, one would not have to even touch the blade for either opening or closing. I have been playing with this knife since I got it yesterday. I must have opened & closed it over a couple thousand times now...hopefully I will build up some calluses...

Other Druthers...Torx bits in impossible to find sizes......the clip comes with the now all to common t-negative20 or something...good thing the clip was on the right side....southpaws will have to goto Sears to hopefullt fine the right sized bit...

I have showed it to a couple of people, including the fiance, all of them liked it...I even sold one to a friend...shoulda seen the look on his face when I shaved the edge off of his el-cheapo...

Now if only BM would make one of these with a 6" blade....

Oh lord, My fingers hurt...anyone else suffering from Axis burn?


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Torx: Yech!

On my Axes, T-7 for the clip, T-6 for the scales. Incidentally, that clip on my BM835 takes T-6 instead. Odd.


On my Ascent I used my Dremels Cutting wheel and made the little Torx clip screws flatheads....I am fighting the urge to do it to the Axis...I jope the clip on it never decides to get loose...

A fellow sufferer ! I have switched from an
AFCK to the Axis about three weeks ago, and
I can't take my hands off it.The skin on both
thumbs has peeled a little, as I will subconsciously draw the knife and keep opening and closing it whenever I'm bored. Maybe we should sue Benchmade for damages and force them to build a bigger, badder
version in an out-of court agreement...
BTW : Does anyone know why BM uses stainless steel liners for the Axis instead of Titanium ?

Take care,
Tobse - the reason why Benchmade uses stainless steel for liners on the Axis Lock instead of titanium is with the hardness issue. Titanium is a softer metal, thus if too much pressure was exerted on an opened Axis Lock, the area directly above the lock bar will simply give away under the pressure. Steel will hold up better in this application, which is why 420 stainless is used. Keep in mind that HT titanium is about 46 Rc, while HT steel is on the average 55-58 Rc (maybe a bit more). Therefore, titanium is not needed with the liners for the Axis Lock. Hope this helps.

Dexter Ewing
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They are steel then...heck, I was fooled...I guess they did a good job of lightenening the thing by skeletonizing the liners..no matter...I like the fact that it is light enough that it won't fly out of my pocket when I run or jump.....

This knife Kicks butt to a whole new realm of kick buttedness....The more I play with it the more I like it...and with all the flicking, it has gotten to be smooooth.....It appears to be fatser to deploy than some of the autos I have seen, either by the ol' wrist flick or by the use of the eversoexpertlyplaced thumbstud.

Also, it passed the spine whatck test with flying colors...(A gorilla whose knife I mangled had to put my new toy to the test)...I even gave it a hard whach on the butt to see if there would be any adverse reaction to the knife being stuck in a direction parrallel to the lock...No problems

BUT these raves do not mean that I did not perform some surgury...I did dremel the area on the tang that locks the knife closed so it would be a little easier to open up, it now flicks as well as a well used VG, and doesn't have any problems with keeping closed (Thanks Thad for the idea)....and I re-ground the edge on my shop's beltsander because the factory edge was too darn this to be of any use (IMHO)...other than that I like it...I haven't done any hardcore cutting chores yet, but I am perfectly happy with the knife...well worth the money and I would recomend it to those looking for a 4" daily carry that will last, hold up to abuse, and not fold up like an 840, I recommend the Axis....It is cool...

Has anyone experienced that when the torx is tightend to make the blade open with a tad more resistance that then once loosened a bit that you get blade wobble. I rec. mine about 7 wks ago, and decided to put just a tad more resistance into it when opening the blade. Now when I loosen the torx screw even a bit the blade will have wobble in it. What about it? Oh yea when I say tightened I am talking about a 1/8 to 1/4 of a turn on the torx. Keep'em sharp
Thanks for the info, Dexter !
My first thought was that titanium and steel don't glide well against each other, and titanium would stick to a steel surface and cause friction on the locking bar. The steel liners don't bother me that much, as the weight of the knife is only a bit more than
the AFCK, but I am somehow attracted to
more exotic materials. (It's also a little show-off effect to demonstrate the nonmagnetic properties with toys like
the Levitron)

Take care,
Tobse !