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B/A Rifle cerakote questions

Discussion in 'Scott Solar - Cerakote - Wicked Edge' started by fast14riot, Feb 12, 2013.

  1. fast14riot


    Oct 27, 2010
    Scott, I have a rifle I am exploring options on having the metal refinished. A couple of caveates, the barrel cannot be pulled from the action, and it is an old gun (mfg. Oct. 1918) so it has some "character" marks, about how deep of a mark will the cerakote fill? No rust or pitting, just being banged around for 95 years. Will not bein able to pull the barrel be an issue? My bolt is already blued and jeweled, but how are fitment tolerances affected by the cerakote? Things like the safety, bolt release, bottom plate, etc.

    It is an Eddystone 1917, btw if you are familiar with these. I can be reached via email if you prefer at my username @ gmail 'dot' com.

    Thanx for any help you can offer!

  2. shotgunner


    May 19, 2010

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