B K & T Brute...SWEET!!!

Oct 20, 1999
On the advice of many forumites, I asked for a Brute for my birthday this year to fill a void in my collection; a large camping/hiking chopping utility knife. Well, I got it!

I will follow up with a more indepth review when I get the chance...but here's a tease!

Big knife, and so far, worth the $$$ and the extra weight (i mean sheer mass, not long time to find one).

Sharp as any Cold Steel I have, right out of the box, and even shave sharp 30 wacks on a 2" x 2" later!!!

A little unwieldly in the hand at first, for it is heavy, but grows on you like a small bat...just let it be an extension of your arm and you're set. Needs lanyard to keep close-for I did almost lose it twice. Could use checkering on smooth handle.

NOT A FIGHTING KNIFE!!! Although size allows it to cut efficiently, too heavy for me to manuver effectively and repeatidly. Grip manipulation is hindered by extra weight.

GREAT CHOPPER!!! CHopped thru anything and everything I put in its path, and only needed 50 strops to bring back to shave sharp after nearly 1000 wacks on various tough materials!!!

I mimicked outdoors style stuff by chopping wood no greater than 3" in diameter, as would be done for kindling and prepping a shelter. NO PROBLEM!!! BOLO style and weight allow for effortless and fatigue-free chopping. Again, on heavy, repeated chopping, I rek'mnd lanyard and a tight one!

Cleans up easily wih marine-tuff-cloth. Angle to sharpen is rough though...10 - 15 degrees as per BK&T slip in box...won't be fun when i have to do it! Until then, stropping and medium grit ceramic rod from 204 sharpmaker do just fine.

Grip material is excellent...but my only gripe with the knife lies here: IF checkered, it may not resist hand and wrist fatigue as well. But without grip enhancing cross-checkering, I was always ensuring a solid grip, releasing and re-gripping the handle, in effect increasing wrist and finger fatigue! DOUBLE EGDE SWORD!

I demolished a few large melons, as well as two basketballs, with little or no effort. I feel that I will have to come up with special tests, other then the norms, to push this tough guy to the limit!

What we do today in life...echoes in eternity...