'baby' GRS Review

Jan 15, 2000
Well I was lucky enough to get a deal on this one. It is not often that I can beat harry to the purchase, but then again he probally has at least two...

Okay here are the stats:
Length--> 16 1/2"
Drop --> 3 1/4"
Width --> 2 3/8"
Weight--> approx 1.5lbs - 1.75lbs
Handle--> 4" circumfrence <thanks prn>

First impressions:
Right out of the box I found this to be one of the more astheticly pleasing knives. The curve is very leaf like. I also really liked the flat spine. The sword of shiva is very well done, as is the maker's mark (Bura). The polish is the magic stone, very, very good. Overall in appearence I found the knife to be excellent.

I was having a hard time figuring out what to use as testing material. I started with red oak 2" thick planks. I had no problem splitting these up into kindling. With this blade even a half hearted attempt to split yielded great results. I also tried cutting perpendicular to the grain, while more difficult than splitting it took between 6 to 10 cuts to cleave oak 2x4's in half.

The next step was to try out something a little different. I settled on tin cans. I was able to halve the cans with 1 to 2 cuts.

I really like this one. This knife responds well to a wrist flick. It take very little energy to get this knife to do anything that an AK of similar size. I was at first skeptical about how it would perform against some of the bigger khuks. This 'little one' passed anything that I could throw at it. If you want spliting power and weapon speed I would condsider this one. In my humble opinion, this one rates an 11 out of 10.

Granted I do have one small complaint. The dry weather has made the sheath a little tight, so I am going to try and expand it.

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Yes!!! I am definitely gonna have to have one of these.
I know the standard GRS's are my favorites for larger khukuris and I have always had a feeling about the Baby GRS as a top performer for a mid range size.

Matt have you noticed a difference between the styles of the khukuris and hitting the exact spot you are aiming at?

That's one of the things that I noticed and like about the forward curved blades as I have a lot more success in hitting that exact spot.
On the khukuris with the pronounced angle I can and do miss as much as an inch sometimes, but it just might be me.

I think the modern angled blades are pretty, and Especially the HI Kothimoda's blade.
It is my favorite of all the angled blades.
But there is just something about the flowing curves of the GRS, YCS and somewhat the 18th Century that sets my blood to racing.

I think it's the relationship and similarities they have with the very old style khukuris.
The old WW II I have is one of the most beautifully shaped khukuris I have ever seen.


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Yes I have noticed a difference in aiming. I will say that the GRS and the Mini GRS are the most forgiving in that areana. The knife dod most of the work.


Interesting and informative review.

What are the actual dimmensions of your oak 2x4's? All we have around here is pine and spruce. It takes me 10 chops to go through these with my 17.5" WWII which is about the same weight.

What kind of tin cans were you chopping up and did it affect the edge?


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Will, the tin caps were soup cans, can't get much more specific than that. I wasn't paying all that much attention, having too much fun chopping. There was a little edge damage, granted not as much as I would have expected tho. All of the damage was cleaned up with a coarse diamond hone. Then on to the fine hone, and just a touch or two with the chakma.

The 2x4s were 8/4 rough sawn lumber. This blade has really great penetration. It out hacked my 15" AK just because the blade had has a thinner taper. To use a hyperbole, it is the difference between an axe and a razor.

While niether of these is completely true the idea is sound. It is easier for the baby GRS to penetrate due to the fact it is not quite as thick.
Matt wrote:

<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Handle--> 4" diameter</font>

Is that the long axis of the buttcap or do you have hands like a gorilla? I don't see any way a human could securely hold a handle like that on a khukuri. That's like a baseball and while folks hold baseballs all the time to throw, I don't want my khukuris to go flying out of my hands. Did you really mean circumference? If so, at what point of the handle did you measure that?

Assuming that Matt really did mean circumference and that the handle is not outrageously huge, this sounds like a khukuri I really need to save my pennies for.

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Prn: You are right. I did mean circumfrence.

I have been told that I have roman hands before, but never gorilla hands. Not to mention the fact the I like to monkey around.

Might be time for my meds...
Thanks for the update Matt.

Prn, how do you know he was not using his feet?

I find the forward curved khukuri's are more accurate too.