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  1. bigeard09


    Sep 8, 2016
    Hello all on the Kailish Blades section ,
    Just thought I would re introduce myself first , so Hello all .
    I have been a forum member on Blade Forums for a number of years and with varying interest in different kinds of knives . Over the years Ive had an interest in Khukuri knives , their history , background and Military use etc . I do have a small collection of custom made traditional style knives all procured from KHHI in Nepal which I have always supported because of their dedication to the cultural and historical aspect of the Khukuri knife and the quality of their knives . Recently I came across "Kailish Blades " and I must say that although I have never held or even seen one , by the information and photos on their website I am quite impressed with their products , especialy the traditional models so much so that it has re kindled my interest in khukuris and I am considering buying their "Mutiny" model with a few extras added on . I particularly like the fact that Kailish seemed to have grasped the idea that khukuris do not have to be over built with heavy thick spines and blades that have no dexterity for practical use , so many of the khukuri houses do this and in my opinion it is not what these traditional blades are about , so well done with that one Kailish ! I own a British Army issue khukuri that are supplied to the Brigade of Gurkhas and even that for its size has no decent balance or weight distribution , all it would take is a half decent hollow grind to the body of the blade and a reduction in the thickness of the spine , this is what Kailish seemed to have understood and taken on board . so anuway once I have the money sorted I would like to order a slightly customised Mutiny khukuri partly for light bushcraft use but aso as a wall hanger and to pass onto my Grandson . It would be interesting to know which of the traditional Kailish khukuris you like and why .
    Good to be back and wishing you all a happy and healthy New Year
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  2. Chandra


    Mar 18, 2016
    Hello Bigeard09,
    I only check blade forums very occasionally, so didn't come across your message.
    My very first purchase from Kailash was a 14inch Mutiny and a custom Bowie which I asked them to replicate from a prototype they made. It is now adopted by Kailash as one of their standard offerings named Regent Bowie. Although, mine is a bit shorter at 10 inches. Since then, I have bought a 12inch Mutiny, Pensioner, another 14inch Mutiny (Blem). The pensioner was a birthday gift for my dad, and he was really impressed with it.
    So far, I have been very happy with my purchases, although I had to let go of the shorter Mutiny and the blem, due to money issues.

    I personally find the 14inch too long for my needs.
    It is absolutely beautiful and lively, but for actual use around camps, I would go with a smaller HSI or a 12" Sirupate. I prefer this as I can get a lot more control. Also, it is a lot easier to pack.

    Besides Kailash, I own knives from GGK, Tora, and Himalayan Imports as well.
    A majority of my collection is from Tora, as I liked to have replicas of various Khukuris.

    Besides Kailash, I also highly recommend GGK. The BSI, 15 inch Limbuwan and 12inch Superfast khukuris I bought from them are all excellent. Extremely well balanced, and they feel a lot lighter and faster than what the scale says. You can find a video of the Superfast khukuri on YouTube.

    At the moment, I am looking to get a 9inch Mini Khukuri with a custom scabbard from Kailash, but I'm finding it very difficult to get a hold of them.
    I have sent several emails and messages throughout last month and still haven't received a proper response. I understand that this maybe due to the holiday season and the pandemic jeopardising our regular routines. Hopefully they will respond soon.

    Wishing you a happy new year too.
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  3. bigeard09


    Sep 8, 2016
    Hello Chandra , thanks again for this reply . You seem to have quite a collection of khukuris .It is the 14" Mutiny that Im after with a few add ons to my own specifications, and I really want it as a quality built and traditional looking khukuri for decoration purposes but might take it out next time I do a little bushcraft just to see how it handles .I bought all my previous khukuris from KHHI and had them semi customised but I am looking at selling my WW2 Historic if possible , I just liked what I saw on the Kailash website and am in the process of having one made . Where in the UK do you live ?
    All the best for the New Year to you also
  4. Chandra


    Mar 18, 2016
    Hi Bigeard09,
    Personally, I find blades ranging from 9 to a maximum of 13 inches practical. Any longer than that makes it feel like it's just a weapon instead of a multipurpose tool. It is also a lot harder to travel with, and justify intentions if stopped by the authorities.
    The Mutiny is what grabbed my attention to Kailash Blades too. IMO, the 14 inch version is just perfect.
    12 inch version is slightly more curvy than the 14 inch.
    What specifications are you looking to get?
    Also, this is not mentioned on the website, but if you pick a satin/raw finished blade with Buffalo horn handle, the handle comes unpolished too.
    I'm not certain if this is the case with every handle material, but you might want to confirm the finish on your handle with Kailash.
    What model is your WW2 historic? I'm just curious.
    There are Facebook pages where you can buy/sell Khukuris.
    I live in the West Midlands, what about yourself?
    I also like the modern designs of kailash blades. The Socket Bowie in particular, is reeling me in. Knife buying is addictive. I try to justify it by saying I'm supporting the handicrafts industry, but I can see the problem too.
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  5. bigeard09


    Sep 8, 2016
    Hello Chandra ,
    again thanks for your reply . I agree with your idea of a 9" to 13" blade being more practical in the field due to the shorter length and obviously together with nice deep fullers or a decent hollow grind helps to both reduce weight and also evenly distribute the weight to give an all round better balance . Because I am more of a traditionalist I was really taken with the "Mutiny" 14" not really for reasons of practical use ,just from a historic standpoint , but I must say I think Kailash have come as close as possible to doing a great job on the long fuller running under the length of the spine , something I have been looking for in a khukuri for a long time . I have always admired the original Lambedh khukuri the Mutiny was modeled on from the "Sir Khukuri" website .I will ask to have a brown Dap / traditional sheath with the traditional salyani leather and those two button ties (not sure what they are called) and with only a slanting horizontal carry system . Ive asked Andrew in an email if he can find a piece of quality brown / creamy coloured buffalo horn for the handle to make it that bit special whilst still retaining the traditional aspect although I have not made my mind up yet regarding a nice wooden handle if a decent piece of figured wood could be found . Was toying with the idea of the copper bolster and a thin butt plate ?
    Good heads up regarding the polished or unpolished horn handles , I would want a polished one as this khukuri will be displayed mainly .
    The model is the WW2 historic from KHHI , but I had it made with a hollow grind , a rosewood handle and a dap made with cream leather and some decoration which Ive added myself . It looks really nice but as you said some of the issue models had a thick spine which I dont particularly like . I actually helped design a khukuri for KHHI for bushcraft purposes which is on their website still .
    To answer your question Chandra , I live in the North East of England up on the coast . Yeh must agree with you , this knife buying does become adictive but I justify it by saying Ive worked all my life (now retired ) so I will treat myself !
    Take care
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  6. Chandra


    Mar 18, 2016
    Hi Bigeard09,
    That customisation sounds very classy. Like yourself, I really like the horizontal carry option too.
    I do have to say tho, one of the rivets on my belt loop for the mutiny broke. So it's only being held up by three remaining rivets and is not suitable for carry. The rivet used was smaller than on some of the other scabbards. This was a display knife too, so I've only had it on my belt a few times. I bought it in 2017, so it's likely the newer versions won't have this issue. I'll have to stitch it up myself someday.

    I have recently got in touch with Bishnu, to discuss the customisations on my 9 inch mini. The blade itself is pretty much standard with micarta handle, and some stampings.
    On the scabbard, I have requested to glue a metal (brass or Aluminium) strip covering the edge of the inner curve on the wood, which will then be wrapped with Ganjawal (Salyani) leather. The reason I am thinking of using brass or aluminium is because they won't rust, or corrode easily like steel.
    This will make drawing out the knife a lot safer. With the metal being underneath the leather, it won't get snagged on clothes and other materials too.
    This khukuri is a gift, and even though the person knows the correct drawing and sheathing techniques, I would prefer to eliminate the issue completely if I can.
    I have also requested a traditional tinder pouch and ferrocium rod holder, and all frog attachments to be stitched up. This should improve its durability, and it shouldn't have the same issue as my mutiny again.

    The buttons on the Ganjawal leather is called Fuli.
    Pronounced like "Fully", but with a shorter "L" and ending with an "e" sound.
    What's the name of the khukuri you helped KHHI design?

    Kind regards
  7. Kailash Blades

    Kailash Blades KnifeMaker / Craftsman / Service Provider Knifemaker / Craftsman / Service Provider

    Nov 21, 2015
    Hey there guys!
    A big thanks to @Chandra for your input in our absence. I've had a lot of tricky life stuff come up since christmas and have had to take an extended break to try and sort it out.
    I'm sorry to hear about the rivet on your belt loop. If you have any leatherworkers locally they should be able to put a new rivet in with very little issues.
    It's great to see your guys sharing your expertise.
    For myself personally I prefer a shortish, more powerful blade as I do a lot of hardwood chopping and not much brush clearing or fine work. A 13" mk1 or pensioner does the trick excellently. This also lines up pretty well with what's most popular in general and what we sell the most of. 13" blades are the most popular, followed by things in the 11" region then 16"ish sirupate/mutiny blades. Our lineup does have a larger amount of moderate length khukuris so that might influence things. It's also worth noting that just because it's popular doesn't mean it's the best for your specific situation. The only way to do that as best as you can is try a wide range of blades- not the most unappealing prospect.
    Take care,

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