back online!

Jul 14, 2000
heh heh heh,thought i would try and be the first new thread...
welcome back,all
The new board looks VERY good and there are some really interesting features I'm going to be trying out real soon!
Congratulations and THANK YOU!
ok,i think im good to go.
im going to try this instant emssage stuff now. :D
This looks neat, I think I can get used to this. I guess I'm going to have to figure out what those buttons do? Gee I hope my signature works I'd feel kind of naked without it, and nobody wants to see me:)
Oh man, that "Next and Last post" navigation is the best !!!!!! What a great little feature, no more going back out to the post listing.

I'm overwhelmed! This is too good. Can we change back to the old crappy software? ;)

Or, can you come to my house and tutor me? ;)

The wait wasn't that bad. Good job Spark.
Dang, now I have to learn all this new stuff! I feel LOST! :eek:
This is like Christmas!

Can't wait to see the buddy lists and private messaging up and running.:cool:
I like the new software, lots of options. In case your making a list Spark, there is no way to jump from section to section at the top of the page. Also when are we gonna find out about the membership?
Just playing to see if subject header can be made larger.:confused: I think it is going to take me awhile to figure all this stuff out.:eek:
Where is W & C???

Other than that, this is awesome! Gonna be tough to get used to, but, what the heck!!

When is info coming on premium membership???