Back Pain

Mark Williams

Nov 28, 2000
I've had two back surgeries and the way I'm feeling, might need a third. :( Has anyone heard of any horror or success stories with the artificial disc replacement procedure ?

My brother in law had it done last year. He reports very good results - no more crippling pain. He has changed the type of work he does, though. Previously he did pretty heavy carpentry - roofs, additions, second floors, decks, etc., and now he is moving more into cabinet making because he believes that his back is not done screwing him over yet. He's about 35 to maybe 38 years old.
my best friend is in the same boat he has been recommended for disc replacement (second go under the knife)and he is trying to put it off as long as he can, he used to work as security at a psych ward now he is just sitting(laying) at home chewing on painkillers like there is no tomorrow. I don't know why he is so scared of it, maybe because he worked in a hospital and he heard to much about it from the doctors. I would love to show him this post so that he will tell me more. please some more stories.
I have two herniated discs in my back. I tried everything short of an operation. The pain was sometimes unbearable and I lived on painkillers which didn't work too good. Finaly I got so desperate I tried accupuncture. That was a couple of years ago, and I am a new man. The pain is gone and when I do get an attack it only lasts for a few minutes instead of weeks. It took about 15 treatments until it worked. I have reccommended accupuncture to other people with similar problems and they have had very good results.
The only way my back can be fixed is through the chest cavity, so very controlled and careful use of analgesics is my only relief.
Arrrrgh ! I have had 3 operations, just went through H*** for the last year with another bout of 24/7 pain. Thought it was crying time again (surgery), but got a new mattress (sealy) and it made a world of difference (took 3 weeks). Still have pain, but I can live with this.

I will NEVER have another surgery unless I get to the absolute extreme, meaning can't walk at all, affects me 24/7 again for at least a year.

Motrin (Ibuprofin) 600mg. is the key for me, sparingly and only as a last ditch effort. Always with a big meal, seems to disperse the ingrediants better in the pill.

Good luck,
Robbie Roberson.
Everybody I've ever talked to that has had back surgery has recomended that if I ever need it... make sure I'm dragging my spine behind me when I attempt to walk!

Then again, there are some really great docs out there that can replace most anything that needs replacing... I just cant afford them! ;)
There are not many things more painful than back pain. I have had painful medical problems in my life, but the back pain was sometimes unbearable to say the least.
I had two discs rupture at the base of my spine last January. Brfore that time, I had been a good 3 years on oxycontin for sciatica, a pinched nerve in that same area. I had an operation where the doctor went in and cleaned out the ruptured areas of the discs, got rid of a piece of disc shell that was digging into a nerve (exquisitely painful!), and cleaned out a bunch of osteons in the area. I am now doing exercises to strengthen the muscles in my lower bck and I am off of the oxycontin and down to occasional codiene reinforced tylenols. I mostly control it with ibuprofen and Bextra. I was using Vioxx, but that is a wholly different story.
Someone I know used to have a really bad back, discs would pop at random and they would be laid out for days. They tried back support corsets and everything. In the end the doctors said the only thing they could do was to fuse some vertibrae together around the bad discs. Understandably they said no! Then they started horse riding and after a few months it went. Never came back. I guess the moral of their story was their back and stomach muscles just werent strong enough without some pretty targeted exercise.