Back up Knives for Your Collection?

Aug 8, 1999
I often tend to buy a "back up" knife if I have a particular knife I like. The idea is that if the main knife breaks or is lost, I have a similar knife good to go. As my collection has increased, I have come to the conclusion that this is just not practical, if I lose a knife, I can just pick another that I already own. I'm curious as to how you guys approach this question.
the more time I spend within BladeForums, the more I comprehend the vastness of the world of cool knives. I have backups of a couple Spyderco models, but I'll probably not do that anymore in the future. There's just way too many blade steels, shapes, handle materials, makers, and carrying methods out there calling to me to check them out.
Anthony, I don't know if it's because I don't have the disposable income that you do or if it's beacuse there are too many different knives I want to buy, but this is something I have never thought of doing. I'll tell you what just happend that caused me to buy the same model knife.

One of my favorite EDC knives is a Spdydie/Michael Walker lite weight, great little knife. The only thing I got tired of was the serrations, so I tried to replace it with a CRKT/KFF with a plain edge, also a terrific carry knife, but every once in a while the Spydie would find it's way into my pocket.

Now, Spyderco has discontinued the Walker lt/wt and if I didn't get one in a plain edge I know I would regret it, so I ordered one. Once I get the plain edge I'll give away the serrated one, so I still won't own two of the same knife.

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I usually buy only one of a particular knife (all mine are users-I am not a collector). I made an exception with the blue BM 940, in case it does not become available as a regular item like several of the Knives of the Month are. Bought an extra, and it will stay NIB unless something happens to the one that I carry.
If I find a special knife that I'm concerned might be discontinued I may grab a spare (or spares). The first time I saw a Victorinox Adventurer model SAK (3.25" locking blade plus all my favorite tools from the Tinker model that I had been carrying for years) they were selling for only $11.00 at a warehouse store. I bought 5 of them. It's been over 10 years and my sons and I are still using that first batch.
I have (2) Cold Steel Extra-LARGE Gunsite folders, and (2) Gunsite II folders. All, but one of the Gunsite II are of the "old-style".

I also have many matching and/or sets of the various Cold Steel Voyager series.

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The only circumstance in which I would buy/own two of the same knives would be if it were unique, limited edition, had some potential of being collectible, or it was THE PERFECT KNIFE.

That way, I could use one and store the other under glass.

I'm with Mochiman in that I feel that there are just too many OTHER blades I'd like to buy, and more and more new ones coming out.

I would find that my utils would be wasted by buying two of the same. In addition, I'm not too sentimental.
I really don't have a huge income, I just live cheap and buy knives. Still, I have come to think that a bit more selectiveness in buying backups is in order. Afterall, a 3 or 4" one hander is pretty interchangable within reason if the purpose for carry is daily utility.
I collect older knives (average age of my knives is 38 years) and there are some duplicates temporarily in my collection. Usually, I end up aquiring additional copies as part of a lot package, or as an intentional purchase when the knife is in better condition than the one I currently own.

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I never buy a backup. I only have enough money to buy the knives I want once, and even then i have to save. When you want as many knives as I do, unless you have a lot of cash, you can't afford to back them up.
Since i collect customs only, it is much too expensive to buy copies. Only copy i have is a Emerson CQC6,why. I like to carry one and i like one for the display. If i ever hit the lotto then will have multiples of many great bleads but until that day.

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Very rarely. I consider myself to be a user rather than a collector. I just find that the knives that you really come to appreciate and that become special are the ones you carry and use. It just amazes me at the number of people claiming how great their knives are, what fabulous blade geometry they exibit, out of this world edge holding ability, etc, and they have never even used them! But if it is a knife I really, really like, I will buy one to use and buy a fancier version to be admired as I already have working experience with that particular blade. I have done this only twice. Examples would be my large plain Sebenza user currently being backed up with a bronzed damascus wood inlay and my "plain Jane" Darrel Ralph EDC to be joined by a version with nugget work and mammoth ivory overlays. Now in a perfect world, I could afford to own duplicates of every knife I desire, but reality reserves this for just a select few
All of my knives are users whether I actually use them or not. The search has been for the perfect every day carry. My Native is the closest thing I have found. I will eventually buy a back-up for it. I just got a Calypso Jr. lwt. that may come close. Only time will tell. Money is to limited and there are too many others to try out to be buying duplicates.

I've got four Delicas. One fully serrated, one 50/50, and two plain-edge. One plain-edge is my everyday carry, the second one was my attempt to get the new 2000 Delica. It came with the new re-enforcement around the clip but with the old lock, not the new Boye lock cut-out. I got the others 'cause I just wanted to have one of every variation.

I used to buy a 'backup' to all my knives but now that I mostly buy customs, it is too expensive or impossible to do so because of availability, wait-time, etc.
If I like a particular production knife I will buy a backup.I own probabley 10 BM 875's.A couple of spare CUDA Damascus,and double on all the BM autos that are out of production.Never can tell.


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I've done that before,fairly recently with the new BM balisongs.Usually I wind up trading or selling the double though,because there is always another knife calling to me.Like most people I find it not practical and expensive.It can be done with lower end knives,but real hard for most of us to by say buy a spare Elishewitz of the same model.If I had a little more free flowing money access I would do it alot more though.

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