Backup Knives

Oct 16, 1998
A friend who is a dispatcher for a local agency suggested I design a knife for officers to
show to a Capt. who she dates.
So I came up with 3 based on the escape knives the British used in WW2.
I put scans of the prototypes up on a information page and wondered what you folks
would think of them.

No guard at all on the second and third knives??? Especially on double-edged, thin-handled concealable knives like those....

A handle you can hold onto is the most important feature of a fighting knife. The carry system is pretty important too -- what do you have in mind?

-Cougar Allen :{)
Cougar these blades are intended for escape and survival not for protracted fighting.
I.E. stabs to the eyes, throat, ear ect.
The surface is a rough sandblast and the holes are spaced the line up with the pads of the
I do a test when I want to see how well a knife handle will stay in the hand under heavy
loads. I put the knife point down on a scale on the floor and lean into it until it starts
This is how they did.
#1 65lbs (small for my hand)
#2 79lbs(big for my hand)
#3 95lbs(best fit)
The sheath is vacuum molded and can be worn under arm point up or down, arm-leg with
velcoro straps, belt and in the pants under or over the shirt.
Your designs look functional enough. My problem would be that most police administrators would be afraid to consider issuing/authorizing a backup weapon for Officers without concurrent training and demonstration of proficiency with it (ie: qualification). Civil-lawyers love this kind of stuff.
Good luck in this venture, though.